The Cutting Edge?

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I hate barbers.

No, not cause they get paid for putting a knife at our throats. Well that is one of the reasons, but most importantly they ruin my hair. I have had bad hair days and worse hair days! But the days which are THE WORSHT (no its not a typo) are the days when I go to the barbers'.

They charge a million and make my hair look like a porcupine. And it isn't even funny even though I posted it in humor. I have been to like a thousand barbers in, around and outside of our city, yet each one of them has ruined it.

So I have come up with a plan - cut my hair too short or make sure the barbers cut my hair in a way that it doesn't even look like I had a hair cut - as Aamir Khan puts it in Andaz Apna Apna - "baal bhi kate hai aur pata bhi nahin chala"  (Hair has been cut and we didn't even know!). That makes my mum angry though, she says I am in that way handing out money for free. But I care more about my hair than how much I've spent on it (personal grooming!).

Anyways moving back to barbers - I abhor them. Movies like Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street haven't made things easy. I love my hair and yes they - the barbers - mechanically cut my hair without thinking of the person over whom the hair grows!! No, its not that I'm against barbers and would hold rallies to get rid of them from the world. Its something personal between them and me.

Its been four months since I've got my hair trimmed, so I post this with great trepidation. I hope I meet some nice barbers who charge reasonably to cut my hair and set it in nice condition. I hope I get some nice suggestions!

P.S. - By charging resonably I don't mean prices which would empty my pockets of pocket money in a day. I'd prefer getting my hair cut like in the 40's style under a tree than in an Air Conditioned Saloon.

P.P.S. - Just Kidding about the under the tree barbers! 

Of Delusions And Earthly Signs...

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My mind is at it again...Well... I’ve started to think again about what is biting into my brain... is it bipolar disorder or schizophrenia or do I have both like a Schizoaffective Disorder...Because both of them have similar symptoms and treatment patterns. My psychiatrist doesn’t tell me what I’m being treated for – strange isn’t it?

I’m paranoid most of the time, I have delusions that all the people around me can read into my mind and they are trying to harm me. I suffer (if I can put it that way) from a bombardment of questions daily – for example why do I live? Why should I live? Why does one need to work? I am right now dysfunctional and non-existent. My educational life and career is in turmoil and I myself am in a state of chaos.

I don’t even have the courage to go talk to my own friends and family members, cause I feel scared and embarrassed. I don’t know how my medication helps me with that cause right now it doesn’t. I am scared of every small thing and not concerned about things which really matter. I had my last delusion a few days ago...when I felt that my friends might be playing around with my life, that they are the ones who brought this upon me just so that they might have a few laughs – absurd isn’t it?

I had similar delusions before and I’m sure they’ll return. I’ve become paranoid to extents where I am scared of my own friends and family and right now they don’t help me one bit, cause they keep giving me stupid advise about what to do adn don't look at what is. And some of them see me as an outcast which makes me feel even more at a distance from them.

On a brighter note – I had a fun-filled and joyous Diwali and hope you had the same.

"If you were to enter the room now and say: 'I am leaving for a long time, forever' - or: 'I don't think I love you any more' - I would not, I believe, feel anything new: each time you leave, each hour that you are not here - you are not here forever and you do not love me."

- Marina Tsvetaeva, Earthly Signs

The Deafening Silence!

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On a (hopefully) not so long vacation from blogging...

In search of better places to be at and newer things to do...actually its me going back to the start than going on a fresh adventure of my own...

Hopefully will return home with great riches which actually cost pretty less. Ironical. I am.

Anyways Adios and Godspeed to everyone!


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Barack Hussein Obama wins the Nobel!! Its a sheer mockery of the Nobel Peace Prize! And to make things worse he accepts it "with great humility and dignity"!!


what next? Taliban gets it for peace in 2010 or better still - give it to Robert Mugabe for economics, for helping his nations inflation to rise heaven-wards!

The Living Paradox!

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Paradox - Catch22, absurdity, ambiguity, anomaly, enigma, error, inconsistency, mistake, nonsense, oddity, contradiction, dilemma!

I shout at him, I scream at him, I hate him, I love him, I argue with him, I befriend him. But the problem is "HIM" is in my mind! I have full blown conversations to myself at times, infact most of the time. There are certain days when me being happy makes me sad. Isn't that like a contradictory statement? I rarely make sense!

Have you ever had a dream so real you couldn't tell the dream from the reality... and when you wake up you find it hard to tell what the dream meant? Like in the matrix movies?

I am a living paradox, I am happy when I'm sad and sad when I'm happy! I live a life so boring that it makes me annoyed to a point of enjoyment! I hate being where I am and I hate going to the place where the walls close in on me and fill my heart with dread.

Do you like smoke? I like it when it comes from an incense stick, it goes around in circles and fills the room. I like the forms it takes up and the way it moves. And what about the shapes of ripples? I absolutely love ripples. Symmetry personified. Remember my article about beauty and how ugliness is beauty, (Another Paradoxical statement of mine) I like symmetry but worship ugliness!

What for pity's sake am I typing? Am I making any sense at all? Am I in a state of mania? Fish knows!

Can anyone dispute the fact that I am most likely insane beyond help????

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