365 DAYS

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Its been 365 days now...

365 days of inaction, 365 days of no response, 365 days since a cold blooded massacre, 52 weeks of no action whatsoever legally or otherwise by any one in the government. 365 days of bloody nonsensical dialogues and negotiations, 365 days since we caught a terrorist on site and yet cannot give the victims some sort of happiness by taking legal action.

Still they are waiting… But for what? Does all of this amount to justice?

“Without Justice, life would not be possible and even if it were it would not be worth living" - Giorgio Del Vecchio

Justice has been delayed.  JUSTICE HAS BEEN DENIED!

And we as a Nation are to be blamed.

P.S. -  We will never forget the 26th of November 2008!

Driving Nails Into The Coffin Of Time!

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Every room that you enter is empty, all around you the walls begin to collapse. The memories return and the eyes swell with tears.

You see yourself as a child playing and having fun... too shy to fall in love.

The music of the past haunts you but there is no sound, the only sounds are the sounds of silence and stillness.

Whispers fill the air, but not of the present, they are old. Whispers of the twilight.

You see the sun turn from golden yellow to majestic orange, but its not the colour that you see but the light.

The glory of the sun lies to rest behind us. The twilight too sets its swords at our feet. The sands of time fill the hourglass. I see seconds sinking into the abyss, never to return, never to be remembered and never again to be witnessed.

Time passes like ripples in a pond. Nostalgia.

I am today perpetually dying. Minute by minute, day after day. Each instant a decay and each day a sand particle in my hourglass of life. Each Year a nail in my coffin, and each decade a flame to light my pyre.

Finally I've realized that I don't wish to be someone else. I desire to be myself differently.

Every belief is a gamble, the universe a casino, the world a roulette. And each second is worth itself in millions.

P.S. - No, nothing has happened to me. Nothing has ever happened to me.

At Eternity's Gate

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I love time travel. I would do anything, absolutely anything, to go back in time. Just go back in time. I don’t want to see the future; I don’t want any of the silly present world ignominy. I just want to witness my past and change it.

Change one thing, Change everything.

The silence was deafening and there was stillness.
The stillness of a man in the midst of the dance of his commotions.
I was that man. My decisive moment was set to arrive.
I was to choose from eternal ecstasy or momentary bliss.
In the course of the tranquillity and the symmetry,
I could see through instances and aeons.
But I needed not the future but the past,
I wished to view the times gone by than the unknown.

Reliving the moments that had passed,
Feeling what I felt before and more,
Wishing to change times of yore,
Making sure all is better than before.

Through the yearn of broken hearts,
Through the pursuit for happier times,
I waded through water deep and dark
For times that would never part.

To drink from the fountain of eternal life,
Had been my plan from the start,
But now at the end of the quest,
I needed not immortality but a rest.

At Eternity’s Gate I wished not life,
I craved for death and all his friends,
But before I was laid to rest,
I yearned for a moment from the past.

A moment that would withstand time,
A moment that would wipe out my longing,
A moment where everything is the way I wanted,
Everybody merry and not a soul depressed.

I can have no more of the past,
But infinite amounts of the future.
But I beg for a second’s worth of history
I’ll trade it for my head on a silver plate.

The silence was deafening and there was stillness.
The stillness of a man in the midst of the dance of his distractions.
I am that man. My decisive moment had arrived for me.
I had chosen death over immortality.

P.S. - A silly little poem as I post the first of my articles related to time travel.

Nostalgia For A Better Nation!

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What does a king do in the republic of pain? Give them bread and circuses like any king, the bread of memory and the circuses of forgetting, bread and nostalgia. Nostalgia for God -- and-a-better-world.

- YEHUDA AMICHAI in Open Closed Open
(Translated from the Hebrew By Hana Kronfeld & Hana Bloch)


We are a bunch of screwed up people who have live in an even more screwed up nation (And by this I mean that we have successfully brought our nation from functional to dysfunctional).

We spend millions looking after men (read as terrorists or politicians) who run around town killing people and hopes at will.

We house a herd of non working employees in each of our government centres.

We have a group of nitwits running the country.

We have great people lying desolate and impoverished due to reservation and other quotas.

We need a group of people who can run the country better.

We need a better bunch of high level officials.

We need a group of people who can influence the people into doing good for themselves by doing good to the society and the nation.

We have gone from bad to worse in six decades of freedom.

We were better off then in the rule of our dictators than in our own democratic rule.

We were better off united in division than being divided in unity.

We need atleast a single party to state in their manifesto that they'll successfully abolish corruption and religious propaganda.


nah! let me rephrase that - 


But all we get is a nostalgia of a better nation.

P.S. - For people who say we are still in the early years of a better nation - When do we grow up??


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Problem 1

In a mathematical competition some competitors are friends. Friendship is always mutual. Call a group of competitors a clique if each two of them are friends. (In particular, any group of fewer than two competitors is a clique.) The number of members of a clique is called its size.

Given that, in this competition, the largest size of a clique is even, prove that the competitors can be arranged in two rooms such that the largest size of a clique contained in one room is the same as the largest size of a clique contained in the other room.

Problem 2

Let a1 , a2 , . . . , an be distinct positive integers and let M be a set of n− 1 positive integers not containing s = a1 + a2 +· · · + an . A grasshopper is to jump along the real axis, starting at the point 0 and making n jumps to the right with lengths a1 , a2 , . . . , an in some order. Prove that the order can be chosen in such a way that the grasshopper never lands on any point in M .

Problem 3

Consider five points A,B,C,D and E such that ABCD is a parallelogram and BCED is a cyclic quadrilateral. Let "l" be a line passing through A. Suppose that l intersects the interior of the segment DC at F and intersects line BC at G. Suppose also that EF=EC=EG. Prove that l is the bisector of angle DAB.

P.S. - Was racking my brains all night long and couldn't even understand problem 1!! Question 3 was easy to understand but is quite tough to prove unless you come in the reverse order from considering the line l to be a bisector... couldn't complete it though... will post the answers when I find them out or get hold of of them on the net.

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