The Dimensions Of Fear

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Obviously it’s going to take a person like me ages to find out what exactly defines pain and what exactly defines fear. So I surfed the net and found these answers or definitions.

Fear is an emotional response to a perceived threat. It is a basic survival mechanism occurring in response to a specific stimulus, such as pain or the threat of danger.

Pain is the unpleasant and aversive feeling common to such experiences as a stubbed toe, a headache, a burnt finger, and salt in a wound. Typically, pain is characterized by its intensity, location and duration.

Source Wikipedia

Now this is what I inferred - Fear is the mind killer. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration and pain. Pain is the resultant of fear. Paranoia the fear of fear itself and the fear of pain. What could we be without fear and pain - inhuman or inanimate?

Fear and Pain aren't just mere feelings. They are much, much more than that. They are both infinite and delimited. Limitless in the extent to which a person can feel them, and limited to the person. They do not traverse into other people's territories from one person. They are limitless to the extent of driving a person to the edge, the person’s inflexion point - the point where everything changes, where foundations and fundamentals go right through the window.

I cite an example here – Fear of losing your loved possession and the pain of feeling the fear of losing the possession each day. This drives you crazy to a point where you would on your own break the possession!

Self Destructive Behaviour – The act of destroying yourself because you love yourself too much!

In the meanwhile suggestions to help me overcome my fears and pains are welcome.

P.S. - It's hard to leave my fears and pain. I'd got used to having them around!

A Moment's Happiness?

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"Are you happy?", he asked me.

I wanted to ask him, you mean right now at this moment, or generally in life.

I also wanted to ask myself : What I define as happiness? And what makes me happy? What makes me enjoy life better?

Is it family, friends, gadgets, toys, games, sports, etc? Well... Maybe.

I wish I was more alive... More capable of happiness. By capable, I mean, to enjoy happiness better. To be euphoric, to dance, to enjoy the happiness that comes my way.

I'm crazy or atleast people say that and that on the contrary makes me happy! And makes me crazy (I guess!!). Cause by being (or acting) crazy there's always the chance of something new, unexpected happening.

Maybe I'm not happy because I don't cry a lot. Ironic but true. There are tears in me which I don't cry out. Pain which I swallow. And excuses which I hide.

"Are you happy?", he asked me again.

I smiled.

Hollowed Voices!

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Sometimes the hardest thing in life is to know which bridge to cross and which to burn. - David Russell

MEMENTO MORI: Remember you must die

As I close my eyes and see the darkness grow,
The room glooms down and the shadows flow,
The twilight memories come back to haunt,
Death and all his friends come and taunt.
Memento Mori nightmares and more:
I dream of sorrow, loss and the white shore,
My body is dead and my ghost alive,
For whom do I live, work and strive?
Every scar and wound of mine is in bloom
My end is near, my life is at doom.
How long should I wait for sunshine?
Is this what is left of my life’s design?
Everything transforms when the axis will alter,
Oh! But how many times does one life falter?

Inspired by the Persian movie Ta'm-e gīlās (Taste of Cherry) by Abbas Kiorastami.



The Ties That Blind!

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This is the price of freedom:
Your every drop of courage,
ounce of pain, pint of blood.
Paid in advance.


But what they are doing isn’t fighting for freedom, they are fighting for power. Their love for power has overcome the power of love!

It’s just been a couple of weeks now since everything started. They feel they are freedom fighters, fighting for their human rights. But do they not recognize who they fight against – their own siblings.

And it’s not as if they were treated unjustly or with prejudice. They weren’t discriminated against. They were treated as brethren, yet they didn’t understand. It’s not that what they are doing is bad; it’s the way they are doing it. Like a man stabbing his brother in the back. The people should understand and discuss, rather than fight and cause a ruckus. Chaos is necessary and I agree, but not against your own siblings.

What started off four decades ago has now become an epic saga. Each day filled with fear and anger, hatred and loathing. How long must people live like this? I hope everything ends soon and for the best.


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Our City has the worsht traffic on Indian roads.

And by worsht I mean worsht. It took me an hour and a half to get from Ameerpet to Mehdipatnam, and that doesn't seal my point. Vehicles, esp. two wheelers are such a nuisance to the pedestrians and other larger vehicles, they zoom past you from everywehere. And they feel they are COOL, ahem!, by showing off all these neat tricks they do on bikes. Such a bore!!


Radio is anyday better than Television and Newspapers

NO! Not the movie by Himesh, but the actual transistor radio. I have become a fan of a couple of stations on air and are way better than the boring and banal television channels and newspapers of today's times.

The only cons being the way too many ads between songs and the sometimes lame jokes by the RJs.


Hyderabad gets another feather in its cap.

No! KCR coming back into town doesn't count. I meant the new Paradise restaurant on this side of the city. The Hyderabad part of the city. :) Now Secunderabad suckers can go rot, cause their only feather just got cloned to this city!!

So now the only reason I would want to go to that city is for the hot chicks on their side. Well, they too would shift to this side pretty soon I hope!!

P.S. - And as with my last set of Observations... I AM STILL SINGLE AND DESPERATE!!

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