What Drives MAN?

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This post is attributed to a group of people who now talk about me like this - "he is ruining his life", "he's got so much potential but he doesn't use it", "Oh! What a pity that such things have befallen on him" and much much more.

Now I ask you readers - What drives man?  What inspires him the most?  Is it - greed, money, lust or power? Is it GOD, religion, science or the unknown?

Well these questions have various answers, but here is my point of view...

Love drives me, cause I haven't found it yet.
Knowledge drives me cause I haven't gained it yet.
Compassion drives me cause I haven't shown it yet.
Kindness drives me cause I don't have it yet.
Happiness drives me cause I haven't felt it yet.
Sadness drives me cause I haven't cried out yet.
Peace drives me cause I don't know it yet.
Nirvana drives me cause I haven't attained it yet.

These things which inspire me might look foolish, stupid and out right crazy, but they drive me, inspire me and lead me forward. I don't want power or money. I'm not greedy nor do I desire for anything.

The rat race that mankind is going through right now has broken me.
It has made me more of a human being though in the process. Science today is entering its dark ages. It leads mankind more and more into darkness. Its continuous evolving and turmoil breaks anyone who isn't upto its pace and tune.

I like stagnation now. Constant. Steady. No Variables. No changes. Today we are nomads, more like technological wanderers. We move from orkut to facebook to twitter to what not. We shift from one company to another for the want of green government sponsored paper. We shift from one channel to another, where people fight, abuse and kill each other - all cause they too are lost. They are in a void. A void that science has created and religion/spirituality cannot fill.

Are we what science today wants us to be - complete jerks who have nothing better to do but to delve deeper and deeper into the unknowm? Yes, curiousity is good. But stopping at a point till we need more is another thing. Greed is mankind's greatest friend and enemy. It is greed that gave man everything, and is greed that will snatch everything back from him.

All I say is this - Don't be a statistic. Get a LIFE!!

You Can't Have Everything, Where Would You Keep It?

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My ennui had overcome my procrastination... That's when I started to blog almost two years ago.

Now, my procrastination overcomes my ennui... that's when everything gets screwed up again.

So presently on hiatus... until better words come to play with me...

Till then bear the silence... or read the other more shitty blogs on fullhyderabad!!

Signing off...


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