Time Is The Fire In Which We Burn!

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The largest monopoly of the universe - TIME!

Entry: time

Part of Speech: noun

Definition: temporal length of event or entity's existence, period

Synonyms: age, allotment, bit, bout, chronology, clock, continuance, date, day, duration, epoch, era, eternity, extent, future, generation, hour, infinity, instance, instant, interval, juncture, lastingness, life, life span, lifetime, many a moon, moment, month, occasion, pace, past, point, present, season, second, shift, space, span, spell, stage, stint, stretch, tempo, term, tide, tour, turn, week, while, year

(courtesy - http://thesaurus.com/)

What, precisely, does time go around?

Moment after sparkling Moment, it expands like a snake feeding on itself.

The coin gyrating to a standstill on the table has its own symmetry, its own meticulousness. Like chaos producing peace. Like clamour building up to silence.

But time is different. It has no symmetry.

No Start. No Stop. Only Play!

It makes us dance to its tunes. And its tunes are many.

Stop. We must stop it. Bring it to rest.

For time enslaves us. Puts us on a leash. Puppeteers us.

Time must be broken, atleast circumvented and manipulated. Time must be bound and constrained.  It must be enslaved and not the other way round.

If the machinery of time has a soul it must be broken. If its soul has a voice it must be silenced. If its voice has a harshness it must be quelled. 

To Turn Into An Echo, I Must First Find A Voice!

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You give a stranger your hand, and you feel it is fate. And as time passes like ripples in a glass, you lose hope and faith. You feel its time to move on, you leave, giving away a part of you so dear that it hurts. Words shatter and scatter, like murmurs, or leaves in the breeze. Interaction stands by the window, a barren tree, reaching for the sky. Every place you enter is empty. Each day an anguish and agony. Each moment an eternity in hell. What you feel now is a feeling without a name. And then you give a stranger your hand. Who is the fool? The one who'd never love or the one who'd never know hell?

- this is my definition of love. Until I meet a stranger! But unfortunately for me - Elle avait eu, comme une autre, son histoire d'amour.

The question is not what you saw in the reflection, but what the reflection saw in you.

There are somethings that are beyond barriers, beyond boundaries, beyond borders, beyond walls and fences. They surpass every obstruction, hurdle and blockade. They transcend all horizons. They are beyond fate and destiny. Beyond time and space. Beyond all beyonds. And Beyond that as well. They are ultimately beyond good and evil. And I believe every human life is one of those things.

You must realize there is no possibility, no chance and in no likelihood that you as you now are and will be, will ever return. You will never see the things you have seen (not on any other day or in any other life). You live once and once only. A thousand ways to live it, but only one shot!!
No restart. No rewind. Only play.

If you look, you may not leap!

P.S. - My past few blogposts, as I look into them in retrospect, have been a whole load of crap. So I decided to write something which is the darker, deeper side of me.

The Monoalphabetic Monotony!!

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My marvelous mates, mentors and many migrants

May your memory maintain these mesmerizing moments and bring you merriment and joy. May many more memorable moments make way into your life. May you be as marvelous and magnificent as always. Me maintains that most of this message is mumbled and messy, but Me hopes that you might make out the meaning of the message and be merry and not morose or maddened at the momentary mistake of my miniscule mind.

This musing is a manuscript manufactured meticulously and methodically. Though much of the message may be a malapropism, me has marvelously manipulated the myriad of m-words to make a manual masterpiece!

Me hopes most of you will not look at me with malcontent and malice. Me is no maestro, but me is nor moron nor is me a maniac. Me is a mere mortal with many motley musings. Me must mention that me is most moral and malevolent.

Most of this monumental monologue might have merely been a mockery without the use of a manuscript of many meanings.

Me is misunderstood if me is mistaken to be a megalomaniac or a monomaniac. Me is most modest. Me thinks most of you are mesmerized by my most meretricious message.

Me would be merrier if most of you mailed me and made me your mate. Mail me your messages through the mass media or mobile me. This ain't my magnum-opus so meet up with my musings monthly.

Signing Off,
The Master Messenger

P.S. - This post shows how jobless I am!!

Is My Life A Compromise?

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Yes people, I keep blogging about my personal life, if it's a matter of concern to you and you don't like it, don't visit this page again!

"I don't intend to build in order to have clients; I intend to have clients in order to build."
- Howard Roark, The Fountainhead

What Roark means is that he wouldn't compromise his ideals just for the sake of society or just for the sake of making money and existing. He, like me, intends to live life the way he chooses to.

Now coming back to my life, I ask myself, IS MY LIFE A COMPROMISE? Through all the things I've ever done (except blogging), is there anything I have done for myself? Is my life a puppet show? Is this what I'm here on earth for - watching other people boss over my life?

I mean if I take a look back at my life, which is what I am going to do now, you'll see that my life has been a series of compromises for society's sake, for my parent's sake, for apparently my future's sake. In all of this what about MY PITY'S SAKE?

When in school I compromised playing time and being with friends after school for studying what the values of x and y were and the way plants reproduce.

When in 11th and 12th, I compromised joy and playing cricket for sitting at home and studying for exams which contained questions about triangles, circles and a whole lot of crap.

Now while doing an extended course of engineering I have compromised my happiness and half a decade of my life's time to studying the many ways in which man pollutes earth.

Through a life spanning (until now) more than two decades, I have never lived - I have merely existed/survived and am nothing but the leftover of my real self.

So I ask - Is my life not worth living? Is it really that hard for parents of today to allow their children to do what they want at an early stage in life? (if 16/17 is early!).

Most of my friends feel the same way as I do, so this isn't just me! I have friends who wanted to be photographers who are studying the DNA of Rats. I have friends who wanted to be in theatre studying Java and C++. I have friends who wanted to be singing for a rock band studying the way a microprocessor works.

I know these people might not be successful at what they want to do, but atleast they'll be happy. And anyways weren't we taught that failures are the stepping stones to success!!

In all the desires and ambitions of a silly parent who wants his/her kid to become a somebody one day - our generation has become a generation nobody! Always obeying what they tell, always doing what they want. And through all of this we can't even rebel - WHY? cause they bloody pro-created us and raised us.

P.S. - On a happier note, the women's bill was passed. So atleast half of the population has reason to be happy!!

Woman Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning

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It is International Women's Day and incidentally (or maybe not) Kathryn Bigelow became the first woman to win the Best Director Oscar.

It is time that the females of India and other developing countries too to take over the reins from their male counterparts. It would be heartening to see women who are in power and take the county forward and I would like to see it happen soon.

In a country of over a billion people, atleast half a billion women, we hardly have a handful of ladies in power. And this is not a reason for men to be proud of, it is shameful for both sexes that we as Indians who are on the road to (ahem!) development have not more that a few hundred powerful women.

A friend of mine once remarked - Men do not have power, woman empowers man.

If that statement is to be held true, I would like to see not just a few but lots of women climb up the ladder of power and position.

And last but not the least - I would like to wish firstly my mother and sister and secondly all the females on the planet a Happy Women's Day! and lots of success.

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