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Today I met a guy who said a very interesting line, you are lucky if you have a passion.

I can add up on it and say, you are luckier if you can pursue your passion and turn it into a career that way it won’t worn you out ever J. Many philosophers, thinkers have believed in the power of dreams and I have seen them happen in real time. Most of us today have a single problem, we don’t know what we want to do, it gets too late before we realize what really are we capable of doing. In this post I wanted to share my experience and findings which I think can help us to realize what we are good at, that too on an early stage. Let us tackle this problem in steps.


One thing which we must all do is to exercise all possible options early when we have the opportunity to do so. Be it sports, fine arts, cultural, adventure, creativity, mathematics, history, science, computers. Make use of astrology, numerology, professional counsellors to discover what faculties of your brain are active. Since not everyone can be perfect at everything, when you try your hand at different things, slowly you will discover there are certain activities/games which you do not get tired and you feel like doing them again and again. Bingo! You have started to discover things which can later become your passion.

Expressing in the language of your passion

I literally live in computers, they are my language I can explain any phenomena or feeling in the language of computers.. Like the other day we were frying pakodis (fried vegetables). We did them in 4 sets, and as we kept making them they kept getting better. So I said to my friends that, first set was a Beta version, the second being RC (Release candidate), third was RTM (Final product) and the last set was SP1 (added improvements) though it might sound like a PJ but the hidden essence is that I can express any situation in the language which happens to be my passion. What I am trying to say is that slowly your passion becomes your second skin, you start thinking about it all the time. Think how your mind behaves when you fall in love, which is exactly what happens when you start living in your passion. So you can take it as a pointer that, if you are able to use the terminology and ways of a particular thing as a language of it’s own then you are near to find your calling.

Power of dreaming

I don’t know how but yeah it works. Ever since I was in school, I started dreaming about the life I want to live when I grow up. I dreamt of a car, a big house, lots of money, working with computers, having all the comforts in the world and be able to reach anywhere instantly. I further dreamt that I am working in a company (that happened after I saw how company offices look like), sitting behind a car I used to dream how I will be driving my own car, my dad encouraged this and said whatever you want to be you will have to start dreaming for it, that is the only way that you will ever get to achieve it. So what does dreaming do? I think It starts to tune our mind to the frequency where much similar thoughts attract our mind, it is more like a form of meditation, it keeps unwanted thoughts at bay, further since we have been into that situation when we dreamt about, we are mentally prepared and more self confident about. I can’t think of more things what dreaming does, but it is a good way to have a net practice.

Feeling good about yourself

We lack self confidence, I always used to think. No I can’t do this, I am nothing, there are many better people out there in the world. But I improved slowly, for one I resolved that I will compete with myself and no one else. I will not repeat the same mistake twice, and will always strive to give my best effort in whatever I do. Once I did that, there was always a smile on my face, I was never nervous because I was ready to fail, I set my bar really low and I always bettered it. So one another thing to do will be that, think of your life’s best moments before you are about to face a test when you are feeling low. Everyone must’ve got a first prize for something or the other, remember you were the best that day, and this is your day again.

Belief in yourself and destiny

Last thing to do will be to read the signs. If you were good in solving mathematics in school, you must continue building on it. Just because your family has doctors doesn’t mean you must learn bio and become doctor. The world is full of opportunities for you to grab, just because everyone around is an engineer and a MBA doesn’t mean they are the only two things to pursue in the world. If you are good at writing, look for the career as a content writer or a professional blogger, if you are creative, take a course in mass communication/visual arts and explore further, if you are good technically take a specialization course in it and then become an instructor or a professional in it. Read the signs, grab the opportunity, learn, try, make mistakes, fall, stand again and re organize your strategy. Ask people, send emails, surf the internet and find out the options, and believe me the satisfaction you get when you get paid for pursuing your passion is beyond explaination.

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General | By SimplyFy | 2010 Trackbacks (0)
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