Setting Myself Free...

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À tout le monde,
à tous mes amis,
je vous aime,
je dois partir.

To everyone,
to all my friends,
I love you,
I must leave.

Signing Off...
The Iconoclast


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Hyderabad is going to the dogs!

No, not because of all the events which have taken place in the city over the last six months or so... I'm not talking about Hyderabad the city at all... I'm talking about the IPL team Deccan Chargers...sheesh what a screwed up team!!

Who cares about front page news when IPL and sports take centre stage!!

Women of India can rejoice!!

No, no... not because of the women's bill and it being passed in the Rajya Sabha... But because Direct-to-Home television channels have discount prices as it is summer time... so you get to see Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki and Balika Vadhu at much lower costs...

I mean what else to say... 33% of the government could become feminine by the passing of one bill - yet most women prefer to sit at home and watch soap operas?

Two is a marriage, three is a crowd!

Sania Mirza might disappoint people on the court, but never outside it! Be it her advertisements or her engagement or her marriage, everything is controversially crazy! Now Shoaib Malik and his alleged first wife Ayesha enter the picture... amazing piece of time pass for the Indian Public and media... (in fact itself is hyping a personal issue by asking people to answer silly opinion polls - I hope no hard feelings fullhyd).

Vision 2020 or Mission 20-20 ??

If Abdul Kalam and Lalit Modi have a chat... this is how it is going to be...

LM - see India 20-20 - up and running! Live on Set MAX!!
AK - when I meant India and 2020, I wasn't talking of cricket...
LM - seriously? I didn't know, anyways we are already making $4 billion a year, its a CITI moment of success... what say? and hey Mr.Kalam look out thats a DLF maximum...
AK - @^#@^ #^!@$ #%^^ *$*&
LM - Ahem! Ladies and Gentlemen, its time for a Strategic Time Out!!

And with all this news who cares if 75 odd CRPF men were killed by maoists or that the UN embassy in Peshawar was bombed... may that be news for a different time!!

P.S. - This article isn't actually meant to be a sarcastic take on the Indian Media, its what the entire nation has actually become...

P.P.S - And similar to my last two sets of observations (in April and December '09) I'm still single and desperate!!

Dreaming In Black And White!

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I, like most people, have dreams most of the time... and nightmares all the time...confused... I understand its a paradoxical statement and an oxymoron, so am I!

I remember having dreams since I was five or six years old. Those dreams were in colour, but suddenly for the past few years I've been having nightmares and dreams in black and white!

My friends told me its normal and fine. But I feel its a sign of depression and a saddened mind. And I do have recurring dreams which keep haunting me and ensnare and irk me most of the time.

My most recurring dream is one where I am running in a desert. Suddenly I realize that I am being followed. So I am both scared and worried now. And each time I turn back, I see myself chasing me. ODD...right?

This dream apparently signifies a coupling of two different dream genres into one. Being chased means being afraid of something, and chasing something means wanting to disown it. So my dream actually signifies, me disowning myself and me being scared and afraid of myself!!

There are other dreams too, where I fall from a cliff and then drown in water all this while I am bound in chains. Then there is peculiar dream of me as a traveller of time and space, as I go from ancient civilizations to modern ones in a matter of seconds!

Then there is the omnipresent precognitive dreams, ie dreams which foretell the future!!

But all these in black and white, and btw no sound as well.

Its a dull dream world I'm having!!!

Why Do We Write?

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Now that I've come to think of it...why do I write?

Why am I so crazy and enthused about writing? Why should I be writing? And for whom? Am I achieving something or is somebody gaining anything by it? Where and what is the purpose of me writing?

For that matter, why should anybody write? Just to communicate information. But then why do they write down their expressions and emotions also? What else but to vent their feelings you might say.

Before you decide to yell at me, “Hey Aditya what's wrong with you? Why this deep, abstract and inquisitve stand?”, let me answer my own question...

We write maybe because it is some sort of an objective for a person to leave memoirs behind. It is not just a form of expression but an expression with a target or a purpose, so that years later your writings and ramblings when viewed by your descendants,  they could feel you alive!

So one could say that a person writes to become immortal or for greater longevity - everytime someone reads your writings. They cry in your sadness and pain, come alive in your happiness - they FIND and DISCOVER you and your emotions.

Some could write to keep themselves balanced, like me - I write to be sound and stable. If I don’t write, I’m all agitated, animated, impulsive and untamed. Something deep within me feels awful and bad. Venting my feelings and emotions makes me tranquil and cool and is also a way better option than doing something drastic!

We write to be unique, different and to be ourselves. Some people need to write because it is their essential purpose in life.

I understand now that I haven't really revealed anything new, but then I needed to write something. But then...why?

Implosion Of Pain!

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"Someone is waiting for you"...that's what the road sign says!

Probably suggesting that you should be driving carefully, should try to get to your house safe and sound.

But what if the sign is just a tease, a mockery of your present status. Mocking you at the fact that you are all alone, desolated and abandoned!

What if the sign is there just to amplify the state in which you are? The sign post is placed strategically to capture your eyes attention and then slowly go on to ruin your train of thought!!

A sign just to ridicule your present condition and torment your brain!

What if that makes you do something crazy? What if it drives you off the edge? And inside your brain there is a cacophony of emptiness, an eruption of silence and an implosion of pain! And then... finally darkness!!

One more reason why I don't drive :)

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