9 Apr 2010

The Mirror of Time. In Future

Posted by Oblivion in Poetry | 12:02pm

stiff and young
the pillars
huge and august
rising into the sky
adorned the corridor
and, as i walked,
light and swift,
smiled along

dance in my step
song in my heart
i walked past
the pillars
as beside walked
she, my world,
in hues stunning
black, red and white

dancing tresses, dark
music in laughter
whispers sweet
and joy of heavens
in her eyes, beautiful
hand, tender and loving,
in mine, seeking,
hasty and blithe

dance in my step
song in my heart
did i walk
past the pillars
that, with years,
aged, as i did,
into stones
weary and stoic

at the dusk of life, now
jaded and sullen
as i walk past
the pillars grim
i walk alone, musing
of memories unparted
precious as love
and of dreams undone

i walk past
the pillars sombre
and a life done
walking ahead in space
but i wish to
walk back, once,
back in time!
oh! if only!

languid and old
the pillars
dull and defaced
sinking into the floor
saddle the corridor
and wring my heart
with echoes, unfading,
of times, dear and distant