10 Apr 2010

Graffitee - 2

Posted by Oblivion in General | 4:26pm

Among the many captions that make me observe the changing trends in freedom of personal expression, the following two (spotted last week) stand out.

Caption 1
Front: "I am 9. Will you be 6?"
Back: none

Caption 2
Front: "fcuk"
Back: "me"

As regards their right to choose what to wear and what captions to flash, nobody need question. They can go naked if they prefer. None of my business. 

If they think it is a simple exercise of freedom and believe in it so firmly, they should be, to my mind, mature enough to grant the same to the rest as well. And it implies not making a fuss when a few brats pass lewd comments. If they think it's a sign of being bold, why not, then, ask it straight of their guys? Why flash it among crowds? Besides attracting avoidable reactions, it proves futile. If they think it's an ostentatious sign of empowerment (a term in vogue, of late), it's an insult to their own intelligence. 

When you step in the wild, you don't say "it's my Earth, my home, so I can walk in any which way at any time", although nobody need, technically, question your choice. If you choose to, though, you must have it in you to be a potential prey, however little the probability is, for a tiger.

Freedom is a responsibility by itself, not a license to dump all responsibilities.