Footprints On History!

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Every-bloody-body wants to leave his/her footprint when they leave. Footprints on history! People always want their successors to look unto them and say these were my predecessors, my ancestors and my godparents. These people want to seek immortality in whatever they do.

What these people are doing in that way is stopping creativity, halting imagination and prohibiting originality. Never content, never satisfied or happy… these people throw what all they do onto their children or surrounding friends and family. They act as mentors and “guide” the people actually into room of vacuum.

Some might argue that we have evolved by such practices; I ask what evolution without originality or ingenuity is? What all we could have become but did not? What all we could have done but cannot?

We have arrived at the dead end of science and religion…we keep practicing the same principles, the same dogmas and directionless creed. What is philosophy if it is not your own? What is attitude if it is artificial? What is a stance or position if it is synthetic and simulated rather than your own?

I want to create my own footprints not my fore-fathers’… And I would rather sustain myself for my life rather than uphold a consignment of my ancestors’ history for ages.

Journeying Through The Mind

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This part of my life is called… REALIZATION! And I am not quite sure if I have realized or not what all I have left behind… what all I have ruined and what all I will never see again.

Life… and beyond… There are trips and there are TRIPS. I have very recently been on a trip… the trip of life… it has spanned for more than two decades and continues to extend. I have just realized what all it consists of, and what all I have missed all the while searching for it.

Now, I am at a time where I have no proper aim or ambition. With no proper plans or pursuits, I am a nomad - roaming here and there… looking at menial things which helps me pass time and make myself busy.

What next? Every day I wake up and do things the same way, visit friends, do the same things, it has become monotonous and repetitive. What will I do in the next week itself is a big question, and my friends ask me what I plan to do with my life!

What can I do? What should I do? The only good thing I can do is writing… and that too I haven’t been doing properly. Maybe I should concentrate on things which would help me live rather than just survive. I am doing things now, which I cried out saying I wouldn’t do. My life has become a farce.

P.S. – I have in the past assumed myself to be superior to others and in that way became secluded to only one half of all content. I now apologize to all those people and regret all that I have missed.

P.P.S – I used to acknowledge all encouraging comments to my own wisdom and talent, and blamed all negative comments on the foolishness and discrimination of the commenters. I regret having done so.

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