Transcendence And Immanence!

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Mandhir to ban jaayega par Ram kahase laaoge?
Us masjid ki deewaron ko kya pakka bhi kar paaoge?
Jis chaukhat par log jale Ram waha naa jayenge...
Jingaliyon me khoon gira..Kya maula wahan reh paayenge?

- Unknown

Will the Ram temple be built on a place where Humanity died?
How will Allah accept a mosque which with bones and blood is fortified?
On the courtyards where people burned... Ram will never reside...
On the streets where blood was spilled... the Maula will never be satisfied.

P.S. - Indian media is a bitch!


Unfinished Stories...

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When does a story finish?

When does everything go back to normal and when do people live happily ever after?

When do wounds endured and bruises borne recede and fade out?

When does memory obscure and obliterate?

Can we ever in real life reach such a state? Can anyone alter what all we have done with our lives?

Till a few days back all I ever wanted was a second chance at life – to revise and modify all the erroneous deeds I have done. But now I want no other chance. I have come to realize the importance of each day, each ripple across the sands of time, each momentary bliss which I can only cherish and never revisit or repair.

Because perfection is only an unattainable standard in life’s terms and all that we can do is get close to it.

Lesson #1 - Time machines and multiple universes are things that are good to read about but bad to ponder upon.

Lesson #2 – Memory is your worst enemy and your dearest friend.

Lesson #3 – What happens does not happen for a reason, you make it happen. Screw fate and serendipity.

My story starts afresh.
While the leaves that are green turn to brown.

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