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Vaticinium ex eventu

The lights were fading,
And the shadows vanishing,
The windows were pale and gloomy,
And there was a stillness in the air.

When darkness descended
And at the ascend of obscurity.
While the world was numb,
And even the night sound asleep.

At a time when God had departed,
And before The Prophet arrived.
Just after we were still us.
Just before we weren't we.

A child was born
The Chosen One,
He was “I”…
The Prodigal Son.

And I is not me
It is “I” as in “We”.
And this is the tale
Of every female and male.

The lights have faded,
And the shadows vanished.
The windows are still pale,
And in the air is a chill.

The Dark Rendezvous!

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What do you do when someone returns into your life only after you have completely erased the person out of your mind?

Do you start off from where you left, or do you go into a chaotic transition where you are pulled between a dark past and an even darker future?

These are some questions whose answers are unknown, cannot be predicted, and can only be experienced! And I am experiencing them! And I am presently at rock bottom, my mind is perplexed... I do not know what to do, how to get along with my life.

And all I know is that the shadows from my past have returned...what I had left behind to step into a better future have finally caught up with me, and they are weighing on me. I can feel the burden. All I can do now is wait for it to pass, but for how long?

How long must I wait for it? But I wait... hopelessly staring into a pitch black future, breaking my head over issues I cannot fathom. To comprehend and unravel this is something I do not wish to do. As I already am in a state of vacuum, a void. I am floating eternally through emptiness. But I wait!

And I anticipate something out of the blue to come in and shape a brighter future...but my past haunts me. I am in its shadows, in the shadows of the past.

All I can tell you is that this someone walked straight from the pages of my past into the present. And I am now in turmoil, in a state of uncertainty and in chaos. These are things I cannot discuss with you and I tend to leave it that way, cause these are the basic foundations of my life, the rudiments of my existence and the reasons my life is the way it is. And for me to share these with you will render my existence as obsolete.

And So It Begins...

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"This is the end...Beautiful friend
This is the end...My only friend - the end.
Of our elaborate plans, the end.
Of everything that stands, the end."
- The Doors

An End without an End.

Chapter 7

He wakes up. Looks into the mirror. A man filled with anger and rage. He had to be born.

He tries to remember, to think of where he is now and how he got there.

But this is all he knows - There are jobs to be finished. Tasks which need to be executed. Someone's revenge to be avenged - Someone's.

Deep inside he knows that he will never be content. Self inflicted malice.

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