Those Three Words...

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Ah man!! It finally happened! I have been waiting for it for I don't know how long. Now I realize what my friends meant when they said that those three words transformed their existence and in more ways than one made them complete.

Those three incredibly divine words that every person would like to hear... those words which have deep implications. I by no means expected that it will happen to me.

When I heard those words, I was stunned, surprised, pleased, ecstatic, thrilled and brought to tears - all at the same time. Had you seen me that instant, you would have either empathized with me and felt those magnificent feelings yourself or you would have undoubtedly called me crazy. But ladies and gentlemen, it has sooner or later happened and I am extremely happy. Words cannot illustrate the sea of delight I am floating in.

And I wish that it happens to each and every one of you soon. Ah! Life cannot get better than this. Those three lovely words which meant life or death for the past few months -

"Samosas are Back!!!"

Aaah!! Heaven!!! Thanks to Siddeshwar & his motley crew I can now have wonderful samosas just minutes’ walk away from my house... not exactly Subbiah type, but still who's complaining!!

P.S. - For concerned people - Siddeshwar’s samosas are hygienic and safe, they use triple refined oil.

P.P.S. – No. I am not the online marketing agent of Siddeshwar.

The Suspension Of Disbelief

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"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born."

- Anaïs Nin

Old Friends - A One "Act" Play

Time - From end to beginning. From moonlight to sunrise. From December to January.
Places - Dark Side of the Palmyra Tree, Labyrinth of the Lord of Councils.


He journeyed a thousand miles to be here.
He walked in with a smile on his face.
He was more than just happy to be here.
And so were we.

The Plot:

Ostensibly inexplicable series of words. Ensuing clangour of laughter.
Every evening leaves crumpled and the perception of time was distorted.
We lay in the grass for hours together.
We spoke, laughed and cried... not knowing when we would meet like this again.
We spoke of life, people and purpose. And also of opportunities, faith and hope.

Our euphoria was unending. Our ecstasy boundless.
We were now for the first time not in the pursuit of happiness. But just happy.
We had no demands. We needed nothing. We were one.
We were experiencing nirvana.

Our meeting was bound to a 'Deus ex machina'.
And our fortunes everytime found a plot twist.
We wished that moment there would last forever.
Every instant tied together so magnificently that the knots wouldn't be visible.

In the ending stages of this rendezvous,
We were accompanied by music...
Which stimulated our already spirited organs.
And it quenched the fire to understand life.
And this was the crescendo.


But as all good things come to an end.
So did his journey and this chapter.
And whatever happens or doesn't happen,
Life keeps moving and we got to keep living our dreams.

P.S. - This post is heavily borrowed from an article I read a long time ago on Facebook... So all credit and apologies to the original writer.

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