Jal Vihar to Jantar Mantar


Maj Shiva Kiran


Jal Vihar on the Necklace road was the start point of therally organized supporting Anna Hazare in his quest for Jan Lok pal bill.  Even though the sms / facebook alert hadmentioned  7am as the start time, peoplewere trickling in as early as 645 am. They landed up in cars, scoters, bikes and a motley crowd of 100 odd hadgathered by 7 am.  Very few knew eachother and were trying to look for familiar faces. Thoughts were around Anna’sfast, Sonia Gandhi’s request for talks. A volunteer distributed a pmapletexplaining the Jan Lok Pal bill. It was a pleasant surprise to see the head ofHMTV walk in and join the group. Dr Mitra, was another known face. In T shirts,kurtas, jeans, running shoes, they were there in all ages.  Hyderabadhad come of  age.  No leader, no coordination.  The spirit of Anna Hazare had brought themtogether.


A few of them walked in with chart papers & pens. Thewriting work began spontaneously. “ Anna Hazare- V R with you”,  “V want Jan Lok Pal” were the favourites.Within no time charts were ready in different languages including English,Hindi, Telugu & Urdu. Digicams aplenty, the shutterbugs were at it.  The media had gathered by then.


News came in that another group had already started a  March from People’s Plaza side.  The Jal Vihar group started off to joinforces.  “Anna Hazare” we are with you,“We want Jan Lok Pal “ rent the air. Bandh karo, bandh karo, Bhrashtachar ko Bandh karo  rent the air. Most of them were new to this form of rallys.  It took some time for some coordinated slogansupport.  An enthusiastic lady came upwith “gali, gali mein shor hain, sare neta chor hain”.  Not all of them agreed on this showing thatmeaningful & responsible politics still has a chance. “V want Clean India”was agreed upon.


Most of the time the march was silent.  Silence, that was eloquent of the message ,Hyderabad Civil Society was sending out to the main movement in JantarMantar.  The frustrated / helplesscitizen has found an icon in Anna Saheb Hazare. Most of us may not understandthe implications of the Jan Lok Pal Bill, but the fact that a 72 year old isfasting to make it happen with support from Social activists like SwamiAgniwesh, Kiran Bedi, Arvind Kejriwal has got us all involved. A feeling thatsomething needs to be done to cleanse the system.  A beginning has been made yet again, anopportunity for Civil Society to take part & sustain. 


Are you joining the fast at Indira Park(Dharna Chowk) ? Else do it silently, in your homes, offices, shops.  This silence will be deafening to the ears ofthe powers that be.  The Jan Lok Pal willbring in the revolution the country’s looking for.  Let us all join in.