What Did I Do To Deserve This?

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After that incident I regret the very foundation of my existence. I wish my genetic code never reached its final destination. I wish my prehistoric ancestor died in infancy and erased the entire line of heritance I belong to.

I wish I was like the 6,918,933,762 other people on the planet who at the very least have a life to live.

Some say that time is a result of the expansion of the Universe, i.e. time’s existence came into being when the big bang occurred but I wish I had the power to reverse it.

What did I do to deserve this?

Of all the infinite possibilities of living a life and doing things, I have made choices and taken options that brought me there on that fateful day. A series of a gazillion interrelated incidents and moments that from the start of time itself was woven in such a way as to bring me there at that decisive moment.

The entire universe conjured up this plan to trick me into taking the course of action that I took.

Choices have been made and I can only continue on them. I have taken turns in places from where there is no return. My life is chained to the seat of a car with no airbags or seatbelts and heading towards an immovable wall at maximum velocity.

If only I could go back in time...

What did I do to deserve this?

I keep recalling the incident – the tragedy, the catastrophe, the misfortune and the lack of judgement. I keep thinking if I was in the right state of mind or if I was drugged? I know it was for real but why was I deluded into such an action? How could I have been misled?

How come? How on earth? How in the name of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?


How could I have eaten stale and rotten bajjis at Yadagiri’s for `25 when I could have eaten a plate of hot samosas at Siddheshwar’s for hardly half the price?


P.S. – It was actually a treat I was giving to my friends on the occasion of the third anniversary of my blog. But as fate would have it – Yadagiri had the last laugh! And I hope it is the last time he laughs!!

But still - What did I do to deserve this?

Minimum Retail Price!

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Parking in no parking area - Rs 50/- Official Cost - Rs100/-

Jumping Signal - Rs.50/- Official Cost - Rs.500/- or arrest

Riding Triples - Rs.100/- Official Cost Rs.200/-

Driving without license/RC/pollution check - Rs.100/- Official Cost Rs.500/- or arrest

Not getting caught while doing all the above - priceless!!

There are some things money can't buy, for everything else there’s the discount giving corrupt traffic constable!

We all are pretty familiar with these rates and also the random "chai paisa" and "kharcha paani", it has become part of daily life. And when one Padmashree Anna Hazare comes to disrupt the entire harmony and peace - we don't like it. We don't like it one little bit!

I mean what gives a social activist the right to pressurize the government to make anti-corruption laws and pass bills which would render corruption endangered and extinct.

Given the fact that more than 35-40% of Hyderabadi's (and maybe even all Indians) ride triples, without licenses, in wrong routes and park in no parking spaces, this would come as a rude shock and a cause for uproar.

We don't care if Rs.1.76 lakh crores are looted or our right to vote is stolen by others - all we want is to travel on the opposite side of the road in the middle of Ameerpet at peak traffic hours even if we obstruct traffic and get away paying only some 100 bucks max. We don't care if roads are bad or it's not our signal yet... it isn't our problem, we have to go home quickly enough to watch the IPL match between Andaman Aristocrats and Lakshwadweep Lions.

We don't care if an ambulance is wailing behind us as it's more important for us to give alms to the 8 year old beggar child at Jubilee Hills Check Post. We don't care if public restrooms are available across the street cause walls are on this side too.

We don't have time for waiting at signals but have enough time to get a first hand view of two people fighting over a scratch on an auto to which they are not even related to and also in giving a sound thrashing in public to an offender than handing him over to the police.

We also don't care if a MLA's son ran over a few pedestrians as long as it does not pertain to us. And neither do the passing of the Women's Bill or the Right to Information Act or the Anti-Terror bill interest us. All we want is to get on with our lives we have got accustomed to.

We pay money for getting passports issued in time because the officials are too lazy to even perform their duties for which they are being paid for. We pay money to retrieve our own stuff at the police station. We pay money for what are our rights and their duties. We pay money if we are on the right side of the law and pay more if we are on the wrong side of it.

And then we get home and curse the government for not taking enough measures or feel that our country will remain this way forever or get worse.

A Democracy is one where we make the laws, where we are the voice that the government listens to, performs for and stands on. We are the power. We are.

When was the last time you felt that your government was was looking out for your interests? The injustices occurring in our country are not just happening to “those people over there”; they are in fact happening to all of us. If one person is not free or denied justice then we are all suffering and being denied justice.

It is time for us to unite and break free from the privileged few who seek to own us and rule us.

Support the Jan Lokpal Bill.

P.S. – For a corruption free India, we need corruption free Indians. Starting You!

There And Back Again!

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(A Truly Legendary true story of a true Legend who defeated true Legends truly legendarily)

As I witnessed in stunned disbelief and a sense of heightened ardour I can now loosely recall the distorted images that are embossed in my mind for the rest of my life.

The journey... the caravan!

We had crossed not miles but people. We had left behind not possessions but memories. We had voyaged into the very hearts of the unknown and unfamiliar. We had come to ends of a trip that would lead us to glory and alleviate our pain.

And there before us stood an opponent of unmatched skill and ability. The adversary was very fierce and brave... and one who had been undefeated for a while – seemingly invincible. And yet the enemy was overpowered.

Yet when we conquered this enemy we did not stop, for other opponents had arrived. The next one was an old foe, a rival, one who had to be conquered – even if the Gods themselves were against us.

The rivalry was historic and unequalled. And the victory we achieved was unique and irreplaceable. The opponent was gracious in defeat though, they wished us the best of luck for the final battle - The epic encounter of all epic encounters, a battle to end all battles. A war waged to never wage war again for a long time.

And yes we did win the battle, a fight that will be written in the annals of time. A fight that was spellbinding and inspiring. A battle that will live on in all of our hearts... And finally the campaign had ended with us being victorious and our masses mesmerized.

This victory was achieved not for riches or thrones. This was not for possessions and property. No kingdoms were to be won. No damsels in distress needed to be rescued. Not for power or authority - But for a simple humble person - A person who had reshaped the course of the entire battlefield, a warrior unparalleled, a foot soldier who had reached the very dizzy heights of the dreamed of world.

And if you are not a depressed recluse who lives all alone in a desolate house in a deserted village in the isolated hinterlands of a remote island nation, which itself is in a secluded part of a lonely planet in a far-flung galaxy a million light years away – you would probably have heard the name of this foot soldier – SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR!!


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