There is nothing romantic about this one.  But then to the 4.5 cr Telanagana, the tryst with independence will be a mixed feeling.  A feeling of being there and not done that.  September and Hyderabad have had explainable linkages.  If in 1948 the tryanny of the razakkara ended... its about time the Andhra's gave way.

The saddest part of the struggle of september of 2011 is that thousands of Telangana employees taking part in the 'Sakala Janula Samme" will go without salaries.  Not done.  Our hearts go out to them.  RTC employees, Secretariat employees, advocates, JACs, NGOs, Kodandarams, Vimalakkas, Gadars, KCRs, KTRs, Kavithas, Harish raos, Struggling for Telangana, taking to the streets and people like me sitting in the quiet comfort of our middle class homes, blogging.  Is there anything else I can do ??  Sincerely wish there was more I could do.  I am sure there are many more who believe in the cause of Telangana. Lets do what we can.

I earnestly request the State Government to pay the salaries of all the employees who have taken up the cause of Telangana.