A society that thinks having a job is more important than progress.

A state that thinks Doctors and Engineers are the only two occupations on the planet.

A nation that thinks a bill if passed will mean end of corruption.

A land where morals and ethics were born but there are no humans left to follow them.

A land where a Mahatma asked all humans to live like humans, yet the nation is ruled by monkeys because the voters themselves are worse off.

A world where a country spends billions on finding aliens and extra terrestrial life while the neighbouring country’s citizens die of starvation and famine.

A society where people think donating a rupee will end poverty throughout the world and also cleanse their sins.

A blog where I vent my feelings and thoughts yet outside it I don’t/can’t live a word of what I say/write.


A wise man once said, "The Pillars of success are Hope and Hard work". The man died though - The pillars fell on him.

Where does hope end and futility begin?

I hope that the pebbles I sowed will reap me mountains.

I do not regret my failures or my mistakes, but I do regret the ugliness in my decisions - The utter lack of imagination and forethought.

The Phoenix... shall rise again?

HOPE – the basis of sorrow, the most potent SIN – remains.

But hoping isn't difficult. It is what you hope for and how you pursue it and follow it that takes courage.