I'm this generation’s greatest outlaw
For I slaughtered sympathy
I am malevolent and
For I destroyed morals
I have crushed all expectation of man
I killed compassion

I grow on the blood of money hungry leeches
I eradicated ethics
I corrupted and maimed lives
I filled hearts with greed and jealousy
I killed goodwill

I lust the failure and decline of others
And built my fortress on their corpses
I murdered kindness
My strength lies in the destruction
Of kinship, trust and duty
I killed ideas and ideals

It was not the evil, cunning, wicked, treacherous, dark oppressor Satan
But it is I who killed morality

You try to stop the evil from spreading
But I have already seeped through the crowd
And My EVIL is more powerful than your desire of harmonious humanity

For I have killed righteousness...

We keep hoping for things to get done by themselves. We hope for a better planet. We hope for a better country. We hope for a better future. We sit and talk about how our country’s going to the dogs. We blabber about how screwed up the entire scenario of corruption in our country is and we keep shouting about how nothing gets done.

All you get by all this shouting is a headache and lots of frustration and nothing else. What we need to do instead is to take charge. I went to this small meeting (ended up being a heated debate) a week ago about the state of Indian society and its shortfalls at the present moment. All I could see were two groups of apparently bright brains from reputed institutions screaming at each other with one group alleging that all this was either the Britshers’ fault or the Americans’ and the other group blaring out that it is all because of the corrupt nature of Indian politics.

Nowhere was a likeminded discussion on education patterns, knowledge centres or even the basic concepts of bad management of human and other resources all of which happened (and are still occurring) right in front of our eyes.

I have a gazillion friends who got their engineering degrees in Mechanical, Electrical or even Biotechnology and are working for software firms punching in line after line of computer codes.  I am pretty sure that there are more software engineers today, who studied Digital Signal Processing, Integrated Circuits, Thermodynamics and even Genetic Engineering than genuine Comp Science Engineers.

I even have friends who even jumped from Electrical to Computers and then go on to do their MBA in Finance! Talk about career planning!

I may be going WAY OFF track... but yeah, I hope you get my point. What’s the use with all your education when you use none of it? I mean all that hard work, all that talent and ability blown up in smoke just for a new car or a 3BHK apartment that a software job would get you in a year’s time.

Whatever happened to all those who topped universities? What happened to the all those bright prospects that would shape India’s future and make it a developed superpower by 2020? What happened to the dreams of an entire nation? – Well maybe that was all false hope too.