World Consumer Day!!

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Today is world corporate day… A day when consumer goods are gift wrapped and sold as human feelings and emotions, the day when the value of a box of chocolates and a bunch of silly flowers skyrockets to astronomical figures. Today a billionaire businessman will gift his lady a chartered aircraft and say “That still doesn’t yet sum up my love for you!” and the lady goes “Aaawwww!!!”

And probably some random poor guy in India gets forcefully married off to his girlfriend of one week in a park because according to a few fundamentalists they, ahem!, are destroying the culture and heritage of India.

In a few hours Credit cards and ATM machines will work extra time and guys would realize that love truly is precious and priceless!! And girls show MasterCard that there really are no things that money can’t buy!!

It’s also the day when every hangout spot in Hyderabad, from Necklace road to Medchal Dhabas are occupied and Hallmarks and Archie’s sell feelings of love in Rs.30! Even dubbed movies with C grade heroes become houseful and songs of love and affection are played nonstop on radio.

Traffic becomes unsustainable (as if it is not over the top daily!!) and public transport becomes deserted.

In short today is the day World Consumerism Day… Some people tend to celebrate it (ironically) as a day of Love although it was the day a saint named Valentine died. Never was a death more magnificently celebrated  some 1700 years after he died.

Φοίνιξ (Whatever Will Be Will Be)

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When you eventually pick a path and just keep going on... will it at the end of all things connect to the place you were looking for? All those chaotic roads and confusing turns, will they bring a semblance of certainty and the answer your doubts at the end of the road? And if they don't what do we do? Do we stay put to the course or do we turn back?

Do we follow our own inner feeling or do we seek solace in greater beings than ourselves?

Do the risks we take succeed or will they end up as failures? If we succeed we are pioneers and legends but if we fail we are lost in obscurity. If we turn back we are cowards but if we turn back and succeed its a smart move.

What is the path to an ideal life of success? Some people go as far as preaching a successful life.

I think at the end of it all, it comes down to that person, that moment and the instinct which drives the person.

No more lofty aims and steep falls. I choose to live every moment at a time. After all nobody gets out of here alive.

For now though... the Phoenix is set to rise.

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