I told one of my female friends who is on her way to New Delhi to stay safe. It ashamed me that I was saying this to a fellow Indian and it clearly defines how much trust people have about the police, government and the law.

Crimes against Females have become a crime of no significance in our country filled with thousands of Goddesses and where femininity is considered divine.

And when I mention crimes against females I'm not just talking about Rape and eve teasing, there are several other factors which lead to these major issues. Factors like gender equality, seeing and treating females as the weaker sex, female infanticide, lack of education, improper sexual education, sticking to prehistoric and medieval practices of caste system and dowry, women being treated as objects of lust and sex, lack of proper communication and lack of freedom to girls and the list can go on and on and on...

When was the last time you heard about domestic abuse/violence in Indian news media? Does the government do anything in matters like these? Police doesn't even register cases for domestic abuse and say it’s a family matter! If the police are apathetic then crime is surely going to rise.
I wonder how many of the people know about marital rape and its prevalence in society. Indian law doesn't even consider it to be a proper criminal offense!

The Indian male is the most hypocritical person on the planet! He treats his sister and mother with respect deserving of Gods and yet goes on to the streets and rapes a female in cold blood just cause he can't control his lust and then goes on to blame the girl and her attire!

And the fact that women in the world's largest democracy have to fight for safety, security and dignity is a shame. Where is India heading? We call our country Bharath Mata or 'Motherland' respecting the values and sacrifices a woman makes and yet rape statistics in India are among the worst in the world.

What we need to do to the rapists and violators is debatable but what we need to do to our thinking is not.

1. Discrimination - dowry, caste, gender inequality, weaker sex, rights, family bias towards males, and lack of education - all these must stop.

2. Sex education - Talk freely about sex with your kids - India has 1.2 billion people yet sex is still a taboo subject in our country. SHAME!

3. Domestic Violence - It is A CRIME. Most Indian husbands treat their wives like objects and property. The wishes of wives are never considered and violence and physical abuse are pretty common in Indian households. SHAME AGAIN! Words cannot describe my anger; frustration and anguish at people who treat wives are slaves!

4. The Indian women - they are a part of the problem too. They hardly try to accept the fact they can be independent, hardworking and successful. They look forward to a male to support them and feel the decisions made by their parents are in the best interests!

5. Arranged Marriage - a system where females are treated as objects in a super market and you compare products and take one home - slavery is a better term to use! Women have hearts and dreams and ambitions! They are not property! And if people do want to go with arranged marriage then the opinion of both the people and also a proper background check should be made.

6. Police - A system where a cop says a woman deserved to be raped for wearing provocative clothing is not a system. It's a farce!

7. Family and Society - A society where people are afraid and stop women from going out at night is a society in trouble and a society which needs to seriously introspect into how it runs. And people need to understand that society is not safe because society does nothing to set things straight!

Again I tell you rape is a result of a far bigger problem haunting Indian society. It's a shame that Indian women feel scared of walking on the streets of their home town and are sure that someone is going to taunt; tease, abuse or worse still, rape them.

I know many people will again start saying these are just statements you make and nothing serious will come out of all these silly blogs. And so to all the cynics and sexists reading this - You are the biggest part of the problem!