It seems to me that when stories are written they start off being very detailed and articulate. They have all these different characters with each having stories of their own and then their own emotions and how these characters develop and change forms the crux.

But how does a story end? Do things get better or worse? And is the end that important? When I write stuff I don't care about the end. But when things get too complicated and hypocrisy seeps in I end stories.

But what good is the end? And do the stories really end? I could write about a king slaying a dragon and end it there. But what next? The story doesn't end there. Just that part of it does.

As a child I used to imagine what happened to those kings and knights. What happens afterwards, do they truly live happily ever after? Do they lead successful lives with no more misery?

Stories end when we stop reading and stop thinking about the characters. For me stories never end. I might forget them for a while, but the stories and characters will always exist... And I always hope they are as happy as the stories they are a part of say they are!