Dateline - August 4, 2012

We were both glad to be meeting each other.
She walked in with a smile on her face, glad that I was there.
And so was I.

She later spoke about life, the people in it and what she aspires from it.
And I of my past, my memories and the people I missed.

It was twilight.
She was pleased that she had found what she was looking for.
And I was relieved to find what I was looking for.
She had rediscovered forgotten memories.
And I had found trust. And a friend from half way around the world.
And in a mysterious way we were both contented. Comfortable.

I thought that if there ever was forever - this is what it is supposed to feel like!

No expectations. No preconceptions. Talking. Reminiscing. Not knowing when we'll meet like this again.

And the moments were sewn together so magnificently that the threads which held our memories blended into each other perfectly with no way to set them apart.

But as much as we wish to pause time and cling on to the instants that make our lives worth the pain, time shows us that everything must change and we must move on.

And so here I am... sitting in the same place where I had started. And she in the same place she was before the journey.

But we both reached a place we were not so sure of discovering at the beginning - Happiness!

P.S. - This post is heavily borrowed from an article I read a long time ago on Facebook... So all credit and apologies to the original writer.