22 May 2013


Posted by Oblivion in Poetry | 7:41pm

Behind the door, quietly I hide
And hear your gentle laughter
A heart rapt, joy in your eyes
Brisk in step, you run towards
You can't see me yet, dearest
But you know I am here

When, gently so, you bang it open
And, ecstatic, pretend to catch me
But swiftly evade and turn around
You know, too, that I will run behind
Behind you to, instead, catch you
And hug tight, while you laugh

On one such playful evening
Next day or years hence
Fate shall, oh!, will otherwise
In glee, you will open the door
But find me - your dad - lying stiff
Cold, quiet, blind, deaf, dead

Unheard will your words be
Your eyes, beautiful, tearful
Will accuse me of betrayal
And, alas, you will be right!
All the words of love I had said
Shall sound like cruel lies

Such is the game of life, so fraught
The best lessons are learnt this way
These words of love, though,
So bittersweet, yet are true -
That when death comes seeking
Life, with all its might, cannot hide