It's Always Our Decision Who We Are!

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Want is a four lettered word just like hope, need, like, love and wish. Have is a four lettered word too except that it’s more powerful! We all have wants and wishes, we all want to be rich and famous, we all wish to be powerful and ride in sports cars and date models.

Yet, do we all have all that we want and wish for? Nope, we aren’t even remotely close most of the time. And it is definitely not because we don’t want it enough! We don’t have all that we crave because we don’t do enough. We spend most of our time daydreaming about what we’ll do once we’re rich rather than actively doing what it takes to be rich!

The last one year has been enlightening and has thrown lots of clarity on my thoughts and actions. Exactly a year ago I was depressed and heartbroken, and now I am happy, have lots of positive intent and am pursuing my passions with a lot of vigor. Yet I know that there will be tough times and there will be dejections, but my intent and willpower have grown to strengths which will help me get through any tough times which come my way.

And this past year has helped me get to this state. How? Well it’s been an amalgamation of different instances and revelations rather than just one moment of illumination.  Just last night, in a movie called Waking Life, one of the characters talks about what exactly life is, and why many people (like myself) tend to be disappointed with life and feel dejected.

The character goes on to say that our life is ours to create and to quote “The more that you talk about a person as a social construction or as a confluence of forces or as fragmented or marginalized, what you do is you open up a whole new world of excuses.” And this is where he caught my attention. I’ve seen this movie at least twice before and yet this time, this one line grabbed my attention and told me what I had to do.

Every one of us dreams of being millionaires and of flying first class, yet only some do. And it is because of dedication and an unending yearning to achieve what they desire. You and I just talk of being that way and we talk of living the life we want. What we actually need to do is put it in action instead of giving excuses to ourselves and also to others.

There are a million reasons why we didn’t succeed, and that is because we look for reasons. Yet there is only one reason for success and that is our Resolve to succeed. It is what we do that defines us; what you do (or don’t do) leads to you becoming the next big thing or someone who could’ve become the next big thing! The decision, as it always is, is yours! 

Apollo And Cassandra

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I knew this day would come… I knew it all along that one day she would end up this way. And it brings me much grief that she doesn’t believe my prophecies.

Maybe I should have tried harder to convince her. But it isn’t my fault that I couldn’t convince her about what was at hand and neither was her future in my hands to alter!

I don’t know why she didn’t listen to my advice… I told her to take care of herself and to be more cautious and now I too have to suffer through all her grief and sorrow. Her own miseries add to my own perpetual sorrow which stems from her inactions. Why doesn’t she heed my advice?! I think it is too late to help her… Is it?

What do I do now? Do I tell her that I foresee more ill-tidings? Do I tell her that this is but the start of unending melancholy? But what if she won’t listen to me? Do I let go and hope that she’ll make it through on her own? Maybe she’ll listen to someone else and they’ll guide her… But what if they lead her to the desolation that I predict?

It can’t be helped, I suppose… It was all in her hands and she messed it all up for the both of us. And yet it’s not that I don’t care… I do care for her and I really hope that one day she’ll listen to me. Neither she nor I now has the strength to go through more of these misfortunes.

Nevertheless, as much as I am deeply affected, I sure am proud at the power of my curse.


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I've not been getting any new topics or ideas to write on, a mini writer's block I suppose, so until I find motivation and new ideas I'll be posting my old, stale and stagnant write ups which I've stored in a folder on my desktop labeled 'Box filled with Memories'.

If you could do something with no risk of failing, what would you do?

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. ~ Albert Einstein

Failure and success go hand in hand, and although to remove the probability of failure would guarantee success and give an impression of being perfect; that success wouldn’t taste sweet and most definitely wouldn’t be perfect. Perfection is not an attainable destination; it is an imaginary concept which drives all of us forward. It is similar to the carrot and stick approach, it’s always just a few steps away yet always beyond reach! And even if perfection is achieved, there is nowhere to go from there – it’s a dead end.

I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work. ~ Thomas Alva Edison

The aim should never be to attain perfection, but to always get better! We must perpetually try and improve by reducing the probability of failure, by trying harder and by looking at innovative ways to attain success. And mistakes are not always a bad thing; they aid us by making us work harder, aim higher and think better. They are valuable experiences and make our victory taste sweeter. Failure, as is normally said, is truly the stepping stone of success.

The harder the battle the sweeter the victory. ~ Bob Marley

No victory or success is worthwhile if there are no serious challenges. The passion and zeal of overcoming the obstacles put in front of us are an important part of attaining success. Without a challenge, the enthusiasm is lost and complacency sets in. The challenges make us stretch our own limits and boundaries. We go that extra inch, we give more than we thought was possible and we expand our own potential.

So instead of stagnating in the perceived perfection, I would rather move on to more dynamic fields which make me learn more, which challenge me to attain greater heights and give me a scope for improving both personally and professionally. 

I wrote this article in 2012 based on an essay topic given to a friend of mine for admission into Brown University (I guess, I'm not sure).

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