25 Dec 2015

30 / 30

Posted by Oblivion in El Eye Ef Ee | 12:16am

My list* of 30 for the 30 years ending 2015.

Filmmaker: Ram Gopal Varma
Film: Nayakan; Piravi
Composer: Ilaiyaraja
Instrumental album: Nothing But Wind
Background score: Geetanjali / Ilaiyaraja
Cinematographer: A K Bir
Song composition (for film): Ninnu kori varnam / Agni Nachatiram
Actor: Amitabh Bachchan
Lyricist: Seetaramasastri; Veturi
Economist: Raghuram Rajan
Journalist: P Sainath
Editor: Vinod Mehta
Newsmagazine: The Illustrated Weekly of India
Newspaper: The Hindu
City: Varanasi
Beach: Kasargod
Forest: Talakona
Writer: Amitav Ghosh
Poet: Gulzar
Book: A Home in Tibet
Publisher: David Davidar
National integration number: Mile sur mera tumhara
Batsman (cricket): Sachin, The Tendulkar
Bowler: Anil Kumble
Captain: Sourav Ganguly
Television series: Jeevan rekha
Theme score (television): Jeevan rekha / Vanraj Bhatia
Pilgrimage destination: Sarnath
Retreat: Rishi Valley
President: Abdul Kalam

*confined to India


17 Dec 2015

Dumb Charades

Posted by Oblivion in Philosophy & El Eye Ef Ee | 7:02pm

Gustav: What’s down?
Meursault: (drooping) Well…

– Pause –

Gustav: Yeah?
Meursault: I think I will not find answers to any questions.

– Pause –

Meursault: EVER!
Gustav: Maybe there are none!
Meursault: Is that why one can find any answer that fits?
Gustav: Yes.

– Pause –

Gustav: Come over. Join me for a drink.

(sound of the gentle fountain, and footsteps)

Meursault: What happens when you put Sisyphus in a management classroom?
Gustav: Sisyphus changes.
Meursault: No! Only, the boulder becomes heavier. As a consequence, he must roll it up faster!

(the clang of glasses)

Dumb charades