Jasz is showing off

Jasz "The Spammer" A | 16 May 2004, 5:18am
Interesting thread about Kill Bill on the boards. Read all about it here. Kill Bill Thread

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My Grandpa

Jasz "The Spammer" A | 14 May 2004, 2:28pm
Being the grandson of a one-time TDP MLA, it is really disheartening to see the The Men in White back in power. The last time the Congw was in power was the last time that my Granpa was an MLA. Rajiv Gandhi's death caused Cong Supporters in our town to burn his house down. Dissilusioned, he quit politics. I am not aware of the money that he made from dirty deals but I do know that his sadness at this moment is unfathomable. The very men who brought the cans of petrol to burn the house are now rule the town. I dont know how true this CM is going to be, but I sure do hope God is watching.

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Jasz is Sorry

Jasz "The Spammer" A | 14 May 2004, 1:53pm

I apologise to Fallen Angel for my previous post. I was rude and annoying. I just pray that Fallen Angel doesnt perform a vasectomy on me or have me murdered by Azazel or GG2M

I'm going to see the INternational Space Station now, see ya in a while

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Jasz is plain dumb

Jasz "The Spammer" A | 14 May 2004, 4:53am

I tried to see the damn ISS but couldnt. I was there for 20 mins looking all over the place. It was supposed to be between ESE and N at 17 degrees above horizon. It dint turn up.

Came back down and googled "International SPace Station" for images. It gave too many technical specifications

I searched for "International Space Station from earth". It showed pics through telescopes and such shit

I searched for "International Space Station through naked eye". I gave a few pics.

I searched for naked pics

I'm just plain stupid

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Jasz is Pissed

Jasz "The Spammer" A | 13 May 2004, 3:37pm

I dont know if this is because of some bug on FullHyd.com (probably not). Or maybe its just me and my F**K*D up comp but do I see Fallen Angel's blog having the same post inspite of the site saying that she posted an update?

If that's the case, Jasz is pissed and will let you know that deleting a post and re-using it to increase your blog-view-count is a pathetic sign. Obviously Fallen Angel is looking for some attention.

Moreover Jasz is warning all these attention seekers. He doesn't want anybody to be more desperate than him. Also Jasz is jealous of Fallen ANgel since she is the 2nd most popular blogger here.

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Jasz on Politics

Jasz "The Spammer" A | 12 May 2004, 4:28am

One of the most interesting theories I’ve heard about Naidu’s loss was his loss of the Government Employee vote bank. Apparently he made them work so hard that they held it against him and did not vote for him. This is all I need to hear to go off into my whats-wrong-with-this-country rant.

Beaurocracy is the most important thing that is troubling India today. If werent for these friggin beaurocrats, we would have got the Krishna water months ago. We would have driven over the Tank Bund Flyover months ago (other reasons notwithstanding). The so called Babuism is a plague unto India and we will not develop until this problem is seen to.

Another of my pet peeves are all the damn protesters. They protest for every frigging thing. This has led me to hate MKGandhi and his goddman policy of silent protest. It has caused people to follow his ideals at the drop of the hat, since protesting this way does not need determination or belief in the cause. If they feel like it, all they gotta do is tie a few banners and sit on the side of the road, before taking out a procession from Caf

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Flaming Blog

Jasz "The Spammer" A | 11 May 2004, 1:38pm

New blog. Old introduction

Blah Blah life sucks. Why me nonsense nonsense.

Rabble rabble society, rant rant system

I Me Myself Muah Nenu Mujhe Mereko Naadi

All the silly blog formalities aside, let me get to making my point. What started out as a beautiful way to communicate, a spiffy way to tell people about your opinions and feelings - has been done to death. With all the people whining and crying about their personal life, the magic and power of the blog has been reduced to yet another bitching session about life. Do we have to know about you girlfriend ditching ya? Do we have to know about you breaking your toe-nail? Why do I care if your damn lipstick can talk and tastes like apple?

What started out as another way to “stick it to the man” has lost it’s purpose with a generation of whiners crying their eyes out and sprinkling it with comedy. Bad comedy in most cases.

Another grudge I have against the bloggers is the pretentiousness that oozes from their writing. They seem to be suggesting that people like them deserve better and they were given a raw deal. What happened to the days of mindless banter much like what you are reading. Watch and learn people. Amateurs sometimes make the best hacks. Look at QT.

Alright that was blasphemous but I had to talk about QT to be able to change the topic and point to the last link on the right side of your screen.

Back to my banter, I wish people would write something that made us feel good. Not just gave us laughs but gave us a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. All this cynical black comedy is not what I want. If you want to get ME (Houston, The Ego has landed) interested in your blog, write about something that makes you feel human. Something that gives hope and reminds us of times when we were genuinely happy. Why remind us of times when we went through the same pain?

One such feel good blog that I came across today is http://ohzone.fullhydblogs.com/

Read it. Think about it. You surely will have gained more from it than reading about broken nails and tasty lipstick

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Blog Cliches

Jasz "The Spammer" A | 10 May 2004, 1:08pm

The following is the list of cliches that I have noticed in most blogs

1) Blogger pats his own back for starting a blog

2) Blogger talks about being bored to deatha dn post something that bores us to death

3) Blogger does not what he is doing with his life

4) Blogger makes list of truly useless stuff

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Fullhyd Discussion Boards

Jasz "The Spammer" A | 10 May 2004, 2:50am

Obsessive Fullhyd DB users know that I'm a spammer without a mission. So i guess I'll be doing that here when I have nothing but smileys to put on the DB's.

And now the JaszMan shall talk about his blog

"Now that I have started a blog, I dunno what to do with it."

"I am Bored".

"I cannot spell and am retarted"

"I have never blogged in my life before"

Now the JaszMan shall talk bout this past week on the Discussion Boards.

The week began with an extremely healthy buzz surrounding the JaszyNut Curse Fest. People were seriously looking forward to seeing two wannabe-Deccan Deity's slugging it out.

Most people wanted to see the Mods kicking our asses when they come across it.

Azazel came in as a moderator and was basically looking to post a smiley on after every post so that he crosses the 1500 posts mark

Black Wizard just wanted some blood to flow.

Akhil bhai spammed about this idea being a reason to spam.

Then the two warriors huffed and puffed and spammed for 3 damn pages.....read all about it here


If you are too bored to read that whole lotta shit, lemme summarize it for ya

In short

Jasz call Nut bald.

Nut call Jasz fat.

Azazel sell popcorn.

Mod murdered.

Many supects.

From here on the idea kinda looked silly and slowly died until The Nut or Myavai Morpheus feels like digging again.

Then came the Case of the Shout EchoTwins.

These two people called iSpy and Enquirer started out by repeating everything that I said. Then they went further by putting words in others mouths. This pissed off quite a few and amused even more.

Finally it was revealed that it was actually a pair of Siamese twins who share a stomach. These dudes are now nowhere to be seen. They probably are stuck in some door (I Hope)

Also Happy Hyderabadi started a crosswords thread where he posted cryptic clues that he has made.....they're really awesome.


DB users have also decided to meet up for a game of Scrabble from this sunday onwards. If you are interested, find the thread and reply on it.

Habitual Perfectionist started a Best Signature thread and as of now, I lead the contest.

Azazel now has the highest number of poss on FH-DB's.

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