Ecstatic Failure

Think it over

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If Only

If only throwing coins in a well served a purpose...


In my chase for you, I destroyed my dignity. In my love, for you I gave away my humility. I destroyed everything I held near and dear for you, and what did you give me in return? Nothing. Now, I ask myself, was it worth it? Does your love actually cost more than my dignity? And the...

Life tough.

Goodbye My Lover

Life has been reasonably good to me, except one facet. This blog has been dedicated to that facet of my life and I thought it was over, but life just has this amazing uncanny ability to turn full circle and hit you in the face. And what I am left with is yet another bitter-sweet memory........

Monkeys With Grease & Bears With Claws

So we end up randomly at Hector & Todd's house. Thusan's radiator is busted so Nuwan, Thusan and me get down to repairing his rad. Felt good to get into the engine of a car again, haven't done much to my Suzuki at home for a long time now. The rad just had a hole in it, nothing a piece of duct...


The Elysian Queen has just committed suicide. We are all grieving her loss but now we are moving on.


What do you do when things don


How can you expect me to be normal after the way you behaved? Do you expect me to act as if nothing happened? How can you expect what you did not to hurt? You never even tried to do anything to change the things you disliked. You never let me know, how could you expect me to change? How can I not...

Will You?

The world was mine to give to you, but since you did not want it, I am keeping it for myself. I gave you nothing compared to what I was going to give to you. You took whatever I gave to you, decided to give some back, and took it all away, without realizing how much it meant to me. Now, you


A lost maiden roaming the forests A darkness cast by the glowing moon What dark dangers does the forest hold When the creatures of dark fully bloom An eerie calm, a deadly prickle of hair A presence of something silently sinister A fragrance of lavenders, long...

I Will...

Torment me as much as you will I will not break before you Take me down with you stillness I will not succumb to you Let me drown in memories past I will not take the pill of guilt Shoot me down with the morning star I will not break the edifice I built Break my bones with...

A Bitter-Sweet Memory

Go ahead. Erase me from your memories. Let time fade me away so I never return again. We soon part ways and it will become easier. For you, at least. What about me? Where do I take the broken fragments of my heart you so graciously handed to me? What do I do? I cannot erase you so easily. I don


Ever wonder how you can sit in a room full of people, people you know, and still be encased in solitude. You do everything, go through the ropes, do everything you can to help everyone,look out for them only to end up wondering who


A lonely star shone that night Casting a silver light on us I saw your breath wander In the space that divided us I watched a golden lock Spread itself across your face I watched as you moved it away Watched the path your fingers traced We sat in a silence Too dynamic for...

People are crazy, At times are strange

Off late, "some" people think I have been acting rude and stuff but they don't realize what makes me act like this was their own doing. However, I chanced upon a quote that truly described what I thought, it was more of an epiphany. So here it is: "I was never one to patiently pick up broken...
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