Ecstatic Failure

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10 Things I Have Learned

1. Everybody, every single person wears a mask 2. There is no such thing as a genuine person 3. People believe that circumstances define them. With the power of human will, circumstances can be defined by the people 4. Scarred hearts heal too slowly. Scarred egos don't heal at...


I am an introvert and a loner. More so than anyone else who claims to be one. I push people away from me, I never get close to anyone, even the friends I have now are only because of circumstances or because they made an effort to become my friend. I would not say I am unsociable, but I enjoy...

My Craziest Week In University!

This has been my craziest week at univ so far. The initial part was pretty routine but then it gets interesting Monday - Not much happened Tuesday - Bio midterm. Helped a frend to study after the midterm Tuesday nite - Roamed arnd rez till 4 Wednesday morning - 4:30 AM -...

The Rhapsodist Returneth

The Fire Of Life The fire of life Burning silently inside of me Raging now From all the hurt and misery Desperate tries Failed attempts Sinister lies Grey events Sharpened edges Of the swords I yield Angry now The fire inside of me Massacre of egos...

I am happy.

I am happy. Very happy. Thats all I need to say. Its such a pure emotion this time. I am actually happy, in the right sense of the word. Theres a purity I never felt before. Life is lovely.

The Kite That Doesnt Want To Let Go

Why must I return every time I leave? Why must I always come back in spite of saying "goodbye"? Is it denial of the facts? Or is it something more? Is there a bond that holds me? Or is it my own inability to let go? Funny, how life is. Funny, how the brain works too. Thought processes,...

The Elysian Queen

Star-gazing nights Days lost in the wild The bumblebee dances The dragon plays with the child A starry spotlight A winter sheen And shining bright The Elysian queen Innocent walks Down the lanes of yore Night long talks Still we longed for much more A velvet...

Freedom, Ecstacy, Rejoice

Its all in the expression. Freedom, Ecstacy and a look of rejoicement.


Something I experienced.

A Small Doubt

Why do dreams come true so seldom? And if you know that something is impossible, should you stop dreaming about it?

My Life...The Story Today

Over the years (if you include my previous blog), my blog has become a place for me to let off steam, share joy, share sorrow, look at life from a different angle. Sometimes I go over my previous posts and just ponder how naive I was to feel so strongly about such trivial issues. Life has...

Tum Pukar Lo...

The sky was a perfect mix of gold and bluish-white. It looked like something out of an artist

Life Left, I Stayed

How do you let go of something you held dear for n number of years? How does everything shatter with a sentence? Why does a dream almost never turn into reality? When the hell did life get this complicated??? How the hell did life get so complicated?? One day, we are...

Flowchart Of Life

Life is unbelievably simple. I even made a flow chart to explain it Priorities. | V Goals. | V Ambitions. | V Knowledge. | V Understanding. | V Accomplishment. | V Death.

Meaning Of Love : The Truth

"Whats it like to fall in love?" "Well..say the object of you affection walks by..first, your heart falls into your stomach and splashes your innards. All the moisture makes you sweat profusely. This condensation shorts the circuits in your brain and then you get all woozy. Then your brain...
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