Posted by D.Raw El Payne 27 June 2004, 10:21am

U read it rite!! goddam bitch got to it before i did. lost my appetite for writin coherent sentences...

Jus wanted to say Kill Bill Vol.2 rocks!! Though yawn-inspiring in a couple 'o moments, its awe-inspiring for the major part. Not as fast-paced as KB V.1 but totally totally compensated for by d kik-arse ending. If KB V.1 was a cinematic orchestra composed to perfection, KB V.2 is the masterpiece which gives clear definition to the earlier part. Seldom are sequels worth the watch...but heck...this ain't no sequel...dis is jus a continuation...doh! i hav an amazin knack of makin meself redudant apparently.....:-S

In other news,i'm plotting a major MAJOR major eyeball-jumpin-outta-sockets balls-droppin-outta-sacks MAJOR consipiracy here....shall keep ya posted. this is all jus to give my blog's TITLE some meaning.

"too many secrets"? U BET UR ASS!!

watch  this space....all ye critters.


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Posted by D.Raw El Payne 27 June 2004, 12:54am

Another day. Another year gone by. Another mark etched on my life's clay tablet. Another morning spent on FHDB. Another opportunity to answer umpteen calls with people saying "Myany Hyappy Returns my boy/dahlin/baby/bhench**t/dude/f*kker". Another reason to smile and say "Thank you SO much". Another lunch with a group of friends ,who be always late. Another cake cut ,in a manner which can only be described as "savaged", and thrust into my mouth with equal savagery(gross). Another movie(awe-inspiring). Another dinner with my family and other assorted creatures. Another moment to cherish. Another night to sit back and reflect where life is taking me, or where I'm taking my life. Another prayer offered to a God who bestows seemingly countless blessings. Another year to look forward to. Another ray of hope that love will find a way into my life. Another minute passing me by while I think for another "Another...". Another reason to blog.

Just another day?

I would like to think not, though deep in my mind's abyss I know that it'll end up that way. From one June 26th to the next, life never eases up on the throttle. Not that I'm complaining, the last 365 days have been awesome to say the least(..considerin i can't seem to find another word to express meself rite now, AWESOME will hav to do). At the risk of sounding like another of those f*cking celebrities, I had a great time getting in touch with my "inner-me" (whatever that means!!).  I do not think talking about the year gone by is relevant in a place where few of you would relate to it. I have a lot to look forward to though, blogging incessantly here would be just be one of the that "lot".

When I started this blog, I decided to make this as disconnected as possible with as much crap mixed with as much pseud-intellect I could cough up. This post has nothing to do with either of those. I shall return to crap here very soon. VERY VERY soon.


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Posted by D.Raw El Payne 27 June 2004, 12:49am

ah a ah ah...stayin alive...stayin alive....stayin aaaaaaaliiiiiiiiiivvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee....


expected more?

too bad.

this is jus to get d bitch off d top three new posts.

thanks yous all of yous.

d DBs are dyin i tell u...DYING!

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Posted by D.Raw El Payne 24 June 2004, 6:25pm
I rarely come to this part of me beloved site. If I do, it is only to please a sibling's wish to peruse some of their favorite blogs or to diss someone's else carefully thought-out typed out crap. But today when I log onto this side of the chaos, I see every critter and its pet critter blogging like there's no tomorrow.

I start this blog not because I envy you other mortals with blogs of your own, but because I'm bored. Simple as that. The DBs have taken on the look of a lonely graveyard on a melancholic Thursday afternoon. I need another empty space to shout out my non-existent principles/beliefs/morals. I need another space to voice my equivocal opinions. I need another space to pen/type down my crap. I need another space to spam. I need, and I'm bored.

Oh, in case you're still reading, another reason to start bloggin as such is 'coz of Philip. Thank you Philip, this is your first mention in a blog, bow down and worship the pain.

Alright, I'm done with my pseudo-intellectual introduction-like thingy.

lets get down to business!!...dis is my blog junta!!...every word i type here is going to be burnt n crapped upon by d awesome force of d spammers around here (includin all of the other me's)!!...y am i doin this? i hav a purpose in doin this? i hav d mental capacity to type more than 3 paragraphs in complete english? i hav mental capacity?...WHO CARES!!

as i'm bound by d laws of d unknown rule-book of bloggin to post somethin wich resembles "content" in i go.

Local anesthesia : one word> awesome. d doc pokes four injections into my left arm,n moments later starts to cut open me dear arm...voila! i can't feel nuthin!...its like watchin a Discovery show shot in some dipsht OT sumwhere...only its ur much as i wanted to see d area bein cut open, d doc dint allow moi...jus got to catch glimpses of it in d doc's spectacles...far out.
n then d moment came to be stitched up...reminded me of all those bodies in Jeepers Creepers, dead n stitched up after doin away wit their internal organs...its like bein on d other side of that corpse. I could feel my skin bein stretched n d thread bein pulled through it, d scissors splicin through, every lil beautiful detail.

Till our next painful encounter,
This is me signin out,

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