The lizard dance

The fears, the dances, the exotica.

Category: General


It feels really odd when somethigs you would nt be bothered about start bothering you. Like my hair right now.

Not the same anymore

You came into my life uninvited and now you have disappeared after the sojourn, leaving me sad and broken. Our sweet memories haunt me, the nights we spent in each other


Unchanging battles

Happiness seems strange and uncalled for, when you get used to being sad for long periods of time. Just like the melancholic moonlight, which the first rays of the sun have just murdered. Yeah, I rule my nights and the days just pass by.

The first dance.

Death makes angels of men, decorates shoulders with plumed wings to fly. Fly till you taste the fresh air of freedom. Freedom from this insane theatre; Freedom from your fears; lizards and snakes. Freedom from yourself. Dreams that never weaved into a fabric; moments that never were...

The arrival

Spill, spell chicken on the grill the dancing Shaman is here to thrill.
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