Experiences in hyderabad

Midnight briyani

ajayg | 08 November, 2004 23:12

It was pretty late in the evening when we left the office. We had some < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />US conference calls. My colleague Amit and I were very busy until the midnight and we left office at 1 am. I was feeling damn hungry, so we thought we will see how Hyderabad works and one another colleague informed me that I should try the Midnight briyani, if I need to have my dinner.

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Well, we ask the cab driver, to drop us somewhere for dinner. Poor Chap!! He had been waiting for us from the evening L . Atleast, he had his dinner. So we went to all the places from panjagutta, ameerpet, paradise circle. It was past 1.15 so, none of them were open and being vegetarian is another bane where you cant eat haleem (meat). So atlast found a place called kausar caf

my roommate is gone

ajayg | 08 November, 2004 13:49

I tried calling up my roommate once i came in and found his mobile to be not reachable!!

Anyway, I woke up @ 10 and called him . He was in his excited stage and i asked him hey boss! what happened ? where r u ? he said i am in my friends place.

He also said that his friend wanted him to share the apt what he had already and so he thought he would move on!! i disliked his attitude , he did not even consult me before going away. Anyway, thank god good riddance, its better to know a person before rather than knowing him in long run and waiting for exit.

He is gone!! So i am still single. Anyone want to join?

Raod Tax Entry Tax ...

ajayg | 04 November, 2004 01:28

I never knew having a car is a miserable experience. I wanted to transport my car from chennai. I have a ford Ikon bought a year and half ago.

I enquired if there are any policies on drving my own car in hyderabad. Pat came reply from my colleague, boss, take care of the entry tax and road tax. I asked him what are they?

Seems, any car from outside the AP region has to pay road tax and entry tax.  he scared the hell out of me saying i need to pay 21% in total.

for people in hyd money is not at all a point of discussion. I have spoken to couple of hyderabadis about money and they speak 1 lakh as 1 re. I admire their capacity but gets scared with people like this.

anyway, after lots of delibrations and talking to many people i have been told that it wud be only 9% (9% of 400,000 = 36000) . And the only is costing me around 36000. I dont know who told that money is not grown on trees. I can bring my car legally only if money grows on trees or someone pays me charity.

Still waiting for my car transportation and deliberation of whether to bring it or not.

Tax!! Tax!!

ajayg | 04 November, 2004 01:14

29th october was a friday and i was reminded by my friend(s) that i had to file my tax. You know, its a year long ritual. Ever year on the same day one or other friend of mine would wake me up and say boss!! do it otherwise you would be paying fine for not filing.

I dont know who invented this. As every salaried individual know, even you had paid your taxes as a responsible citizen you still got to stand in a queue and does not make a diff if you are paying a 1 Re/- tax or 100,000 Rs/= tax.

So anyway called up a consultant, i thot will file it in hyd. This guy walks into my office says sir, you have to pay another 52000/= tax. I was shocked , man!! i dont even earn that much and paying this is huge.

I called up my auditor in chennai and told him.. Anna!! this guys are taking me for a ride. He cross verified and said no!! dont worry just file your papers no need to pay anything more and the sections 234 (a,b,c,d,e...z) would take care of the remaining.

Got relieved. but by then getting this confirmation, came the 30th evening. So i cant trace anymore consultant. Since sunday is the last day and i was expecting huge snake lines of people standing there to file.

Was scared and asked hte cab driver to drive me to the hotel sarovar, adarsh nagar, next to MLA buildings. This guy does not know where the income tax office is. I was feeling jealous.

Went to the building and saw all the counters virtually empty. I was shocked, pinched myself and asked the security is this the Income tax office? he say haan sir!! i was very happy. Went in and spoke to the person in the counter. He said sir, aapka papers tie nahi kiya. woh karko aao..

Went to a lady sitting there , she tried to confuse me, how can someone confuse a confused soul . So did not matter a damn to me and neither to her.

tied the papers and went to the counter and gave the papers.

the guy in the pc said, PAN number is wrong.

Arre yaar, i had been using this PAN since i was 21 and it cannot be wrong. I told him boss!! type it correctly you would have typed it wrongly.

again saw and said sorry sir your pan number does not exist.

the next guy asked are you filing it for the first time in hyd

yes!! i filed last 5 years in chennai. This is the first time in hyd. And proved him by showing my pan card that my pan number is correct. So, they took it on the face value and they accepted my returns.

Wow!! i never knew filing was such a simple process, i think i will do my filing from next year by myself before the due date !! what the heck if there is no crowd on the due date i wud do it on the last day. Who cares a damn?

Office !!

ajayg | 04 November, 2004 00:24

Came down to hyd on monday morning. So went to the Guest house in Anand Nagar , looked posh enof. Thot, its going to be fun. Full of happiness and looking forward to go to office. The clock struck nine and the cab was there in the gate to pick me up.

Told him, Boss!! office chalna hai.. some quadrant in the Cyber towers. aapko pata hai office kahan hai?

Ok Sir, i will take you there (probs he understood that i cant converse properly in hindi). Went to office. Met someone in the admin, started to do my formalities.

Went to see around whats happening outside the office there was some construction going on the flavours with subway written, thot subway is gonna come there. So food will not be a problem.

Being a vegetarian and a contintenalist (my word for non-indian food eaters) makes life even more interesting.

Stayed back in office for almost 10 hours , left office by 6 pm. What to do first day as usual lifestyle!!

Shopping for my new flat

ajayg | 03 November, 2004 21:51

Setting up a rented flat can be a pita. Now, we have a flat to shelter so whats next , the immediate question that rested on our heads was what to do for our sleeping, bathing,eating and other inging processes?

We made a list of all that needs to be bought

Classified into four sections

Bathroom / Bedroom / Kitchen and Hall

WoW man!! typical like a software professional made into modules of storage places

Bathroom - Mugs, Buckets -bought thes two and forgot the shaving mirror.

Bedroom - Mats , mattresess, blankets, pillows - We did not remember the hangers

Kitchen - Gasstove, Gas connection, Microwave, utensils - forgot the stuff to prepare

Hall - Chair , TV but forgot for the cable connection

We have also planned internet thro a beam network. This guy should call me , i had promised to call him and i lost his number and the guy did not turn up. Now wondering what to do.

For a software professional, a life without anything can be ok but not internet. Internet connectivity is like food for thought . stomach and everywhere else.

Hmmm.... planning to go to the hitex exhibition so that i can buy off all i forgot and all i wanted today itself otherwise would have to sleep in the cold on the mat :(

room mate

ajayg | 03 November, 2004 19:18

Now anyway a 2 bedroom with a full fledged hall, kitchen for a single person? Mom was shouting at her top of her voice. Why dont you get a single bedroom apt. How will i ever make her understand that for getting a double bedroom apt itself was like a penance and where will i get a single bedroom apt. I said its ok..

She said, take care probs to avoid boredom get a flat mate. I too was thinking in the same lines. But she added , ensure that person is a guy. Sic!! what a tragedy. As if i would get a girl to share my flat :(

anway another MVP (most valuable professional) joined my company and he said why dont we share the flat. Sounded a good idea and he fell in to the picture properly and he understood what i wanted.

So, he joined..... and took me 4 days to understand the person.


ajayg | 03 November, 2004 13:20

After 8 years, i am back in hyderabad to work. The previous time i came hyderabad was a smaller city with banjara at one end and uppal at another. I used to stay in Somajiguda working @ secunderabad. It was the dawn of IT in hyderabad.

What a transformation

Today, i see a different hyderabad. Covering kondapur, gatchibowli and wherever i see its development.

When i got the offer from Microsoft hyderabad, i thought oh no!! Gosh, i have to go to this dirty traffic indisciplined city, where my car would have nothing but dents.

I come to begumpet airport and see wow!! what a transformation. Probably since my expectations were in -100 even 10 would mean to me 110. So perception counts. Still its not much different, the cab driver who drove the car drove like a maniac at the wee hours in the morning when there was no other vehicle around.

Made me feel, anything can change but not attitudes :(

Anyway, i have arrivied.

House Hunt

ajayg | 03 November, 2004 13:18

This is the most interesting piece of House hunting in hyderabad. Started looking for a decent apartment. Dad (who know hyderabad pretty well) told me dont pay more than 4k for a double bedroom apt. I planned for 5k the max for rent. Called up one by one broker who all took me for a royal ride

everyday in the last 10 days 5 brokers. It was more than the fantasies for the girls i had. One new broker would come in and show 3 houses and says sir, i showed you 3 houses today rest will show tomorrow pls pay 100 Rs.

You can cross it in the brokerage fee. Once i gave it and next day the broker got vanished. Arre!! i realized i was taken for a ride, felt solace when my colleague who gave me this broker no told me that this broker took 1000 Rs/=. Baba! i lost only 100.

Atlast found the house nearer to the office, by agreeing for a rent of 6000 ( 50% more than my father said). What to do. i dont want to drive in this crazy place and get dents in my car instead stay nearer to the office and dont drive and save 3000 on the gas.. makes the calculation easier right?

I save 3000 - 6000 rent = 3000 effective rent. Whereas if i had taken house at a distance

3000 + 4000 + 5000 (for dents) = 12000 which is way beyond the planned. What do you say? am i not smart enough?

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