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Posted by Deidamea 22 March 2005, 8:19pm

Surprising I never realized my abilities to screw things up I never thought I could. Never is probably an exaggeration, I do have an ability to do just about anything to make my day bad.

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Cheesy line: I was born intelligent education ruined me.

Iím some how beginning to think its true, even more cheesy eh?

You see on last Friday, I was trying to install a fire wall in my computer and managed very royally to block my internet connection. *grin* and then tried to fix and it and saw two monitors are not blinking at the bottom. BUN. I was like why am I so intelligent, after rapid banging of my beautiful head to the strong wall I gave up. Then I went to < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Dallas, for two days I felt really guilty for having ruined the computer for my khandan. I come back and they tell me the copm is just fine. I ran up to the computer room, and the freakin monitor with the cross on it. AND am wondering where on earth is internet coming from if it says cable is not connected. Turns out those two monitors have been there forever and I was jumping up and down looking at them and goin crazy thinking I spoiled the computer. I never freakin felt so guilty sheeesh. I need a brain, its an emergency.

OK am still high on my Dallas trip so I shall take this magical opportunity to write about it. (where did that come from?)

So it started 5 on Friday, international airport, my khandan gave me a lecture of be careful and blah blah blah. Then I was off to Indianapolis, sat next to this dude called Tom, old bugger buggofied me back and forth about what college and what major and some crap. I reached Indianapolis at 8:10 and my connecting flight to Dallas was at 8:30. I was literally running in the airport, turns out the gate to dallas was right next door, I got into the flight with a Wendyís burger and a guy called Chris sat next to me. Adorably cute. So my cute chris sat down next to me and we got talking, he told me all the music he liked and turns out our music taste was really common and good. *glee*

Our fligh was delayed for one whole hour, I did not care at all, he bakofied and I bakofied both of us spoke and we dint even realize that the flight dint take off. Finally after the flight took off we started speaking about where we live and everything. He told me he was learning Russina, thought me cuss words in Russian.. *grin*

So far I know the basic cuss words in Russian, Spanish, German, French and ofcourse English, Telugu and Hindi. Sheesh I should learn Sanskrit cuss words. Does anyone know if they are any Sanskrit cuss words.

OK so back to the flight, he taught me a bit of Russian me obviously taught him a big of Hindi, NOT hindi cuss, donít worry heheh. Then we where really hungry turns out he dint eat for 6 hours so I offered to share my burger with him. With really great difficulty we cut it and the air hostess gave us pretzels and coke. He got his laptop out so in the flight, I had the cutest (almost) date ever. We watched Gattaca on his laptop, ate that one burger and all the other junk. Damn I had fun just getting to dallas.

Do finally I reached dallas, chris left me his number and email, so did I *glee*

The first day included driving to some caves in Georgetown close to Austin and then we went to the state capital, awesome place, dint go to the temple as planned as it was getting late. The drive was awesome, we dint have any Cdís so we heard the LAMEST telugu songs ever. Starting from something related to the name laxshmi, GAWD I donít know who comes up with these songs. The drive was something worth talking about

It was awesome, the highways here are so different, I was in a 6lane highway guiding my cousin when to shift in lanes and everything, Iím now the official navigator, cake eating, coffee drinking front seat psyc next to the driver. I was obsessing about a better way outta the highway than an exit, I suggested flying off a bridge instead of taking the exit, obviously no one took it, if they did I wouldnít be typing this. The next day included a shit load of shopping and I got meself a t-shirt, green day official logo thingie. There was NIRVANA tshirts and slip knot and black Sabbath and everything big was in it. But my cousins made my get green day cause it was the only one without any skulls on it hhehe

By the time I got back home I was dead and sick. I had to work on my speech which was today and I got done with it. It was awesome hopefully will get an A in it. Nothing much to bakofy. I just had too much fun, last week was amazing. I donít have patience to read this over again and correct mISHtakes, so SCREW you if you point something out.

Am sick and hungry and my head is killing me, i cant go back home till 3:15 and its just freakin 10:20 in the morning, I already lost my jacket and i dont know why am sick. Dallas climate or No sleep for two days,dont know, dont care. I wanna go home and just sleep but i cant

i wanna cryyyyyyyyyy

Wokay me is hollering out

(i think this is my longest post )

i just found this pic, it dint have tht msg i added it.


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Posted by Deidamea 19 March 2005, 7:57pm

heluu ppl

am sorry not a lng post now have to look up some temple directions on a wireless laptop tht am not able to figure out. btw am in dallas right now, i made u really proud dint i? i reached dallas saely without getting killed, raped or abducted. yayyyyyyyyy anywya am going to see some caves and a temple in austin woooho


am thoda high now

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Posted by Deidamea 14 March 2005, 1:35am

well this is something i've learnt to fall in love with big time

could u blame me for it ?

this is my fav, yeah it stinks sometime but u shd see the small waves it tries to make when its raining

I never saw this view before but doesnt it look really cool?



this is like typicall hydie view, the roads just right but u get so confused, pretty much like my brain

where should i gooo eh??


DAMN i love this city more than any other thing(city) in this world

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Posted by Deidamea 08 March 2005, 10:43pm

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It rained to tell me the ocean's coming down and walk me through the beauty of existence. Its raining, approximately 9,000 people at your foot, below you.


With nature against you and reality at you feet you look at those 9000 people to realize how much your smiles worth. Every drop of rain hits you right in the face. Drops flow down and you'll feel your heart pounding right out of your chest.


The bass first, fingers move rapid, people scream loud and heavy

the deepest breath and then here it goes


And I'd give up forever to touch you

Cause I know that you feel me somehow

You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be

And I don't want to go home right now



And all I can taste is this moment

And all I can breathe is your life

Cause sooner or later it's over

I just don't want to miss you tonight



And I don't want the world to see me

Cause I don't think that they'd understand

When everything's made to be broken

I just want you to know who I am



And you can't fight the tears that ain't coming

Or the moment of truth in your lies

When everything seems like the movies

Yeah you bleed just to know your alive




And I don't want the world to see me

Cause I don't think that they'd understand

When everything's made to be broken

I just want you to know who I am



as you run out of breath the most amazing song with words that hit you beyond your belief, you walk with a smile.


felt like writing this after seeing a live goo goo dolls video of iris jeeeez they were singing in rain and damn am in love with that song. you could watch it on launch just search in video for iris live-goo goo dolls.

I mean i have a couple of friends who are in bands and guys if this is what you can make people feel then gawwwd I adore you, but i know what a wreck you'd be before that show so I'm in both ways. I like live shows except i've never really been to a real concert but green day here i come. errr may be next time

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Posted by Deidamea 02 March 2005, 3:30pm

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Posted by Deidamea 01 March 2005, 12:48am

If humans evolved from monkeys then why do we still have monkeys?

I read that somewhere, me dint come up with it by myslef.



does he/she look like bush?


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Posted by Deidamea 23 February 2005, 4:32pm

The biggest asshole on earth. Bitter truth or is it?



will someone kill him?



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Posted by Deidamea 21 February 2005, 2:44pm

This is the most beautiful thing i've seen, its simple amazing i tried to get better pictures of it but google wasnt of much help.

my jaw dropped the first time I saw it, by far the most elegant thing i've seen, THIS and Hermes (google it your'll get his picture i think i have a crush on him now ) Hes long gone dead and all but getting back to Samothrace


This is another picture of the same thing


Just only amazing.

Apparently shes the Godess of vicotry, for all those people who dont know what NIke meant so far but had the shoes there you go am doing enlightment. :)

Ok so back back, she was landing on a ship's prow after a greek vicotry. The sculpture actually is trying to show that she is still airborne and figting against the wind to land. her wet wet clothes are pushing the wind to land. Pretty big story behind it, I'm nuts about Greek art, entering gothic now, will keep you updates about how nuts am going.

Im in love with art history now.

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Posted by Deidamea 16 February 2005, 7:32am

My dec post had one about Nostradamus, I was jobless enought today  to go about readin all my posts and comments. I came across this one. I was more than shocked. tell me is it my fault

My post basically talked about how the world would come to an end and my question being if I should come back to India....totally pun intended. This guy comes along and leaves me comment larger than my post

The guys name is Joe and his email adress is

Any crap you wanna talk to him please go ahead. BUT please please read his comment., seriously with all respect to your stubborness, you should

not value this Nostradamus guy's words....he wrote his quatrains in like

5 different languages at once! Quatrains are the form of writing he

used to scribe his 'predictions'...all this besdies the point...he was not

a messenger of God, & defintely was not a Prophet...If you really

desire to know how the world is going to end, & want to actually read

an authoritaive book to quenche your curiosity, then I reccomend the

Qur'an...It was God's last message He sent to mankind...other

Scriptures are okay too like the Torah or the Bible, but they are much

older than the Qur'an & there true translation has been lost in our

World forever...but many people still rely on them & for much of it

there is some accuracy...but this Nostradamus guy, he was involved

with Secret Arts...which in Islam is 'haram' or sin...Perhaps he could hit

a whole lot of balls into the field & get many more 'homeruns' than your

average dude or 'psyhic' , but know that these Secret Arts are

forbidden & I am pretty sure David Blaine is utilizing them too,...You

see when Allah or God created the universe, before He created Man He

made Angels & then He made Jinns...Jinns were made out of fire & light

& we obviously were made from Clay & blood, so when God asked the

Jinns to bow down before his new creations (Man), they refused

because of pride, thinking they were better since they live longer &

were made of fire, which is more powerful than long story

short, He banished the Jinns from Paradise & to our Earth & the worst

one, Satan, was sent further into hell...while these Jinns DO live on

Earth with us, it is sin for them to interfer with our lives...however

there are like us & can decide between right & wrong, so some are

good & do not violate this barrier, but others are evil & may posses

people or when people try to contact them they gain more power in

our Daivd Blaine, I am pretty sure he is summoning Jinn

forces to do most of his tricks...& since Jinns are made of different

material (light/fire) there realm is also different & of higher energy, this

is where they get 'super'natural powers & when shared with humans

they can appear spectacular or socceress....this Nostradamus guy may

have been very well tapping or honing in with the Jinn race, that is

why some of his "prophecies" appear to come true...but since he was

collaborating with evil Jinns, they may have tried to mislead him

defintely or were not totally reliable...since they are just creations of

the Creator who everything is decided by Him finally...

as for the "three bodies of water surrounding the last country" even

though he is not the ultimate source, Nostradamus, I think it may be

Turkey, it is a pennisula surronded by three waters too & in the Qur'an,

it even says that upon the arriving of the Last Hour & Judgement,

there will be a war in Constantinople...Old capital of the Byzantine

Empire, today modern the end of this war, the Anit-Christ is

to appear...well thats another topic, but if you are interested in the

End of the World & the apocalypse & the Dajjal (anti-christ) & all the

other fascinating Relevations of Man's Last hour, it is all in the

Qur'an...or you can email me if you have more questions heres a link to

some facts that the Last Prophet declared...

alright, I know I wrote alot & you are stubborn to reading, but

hopefully this will spur your curiosity in reading...





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Posted by Deidamea 15 February 2005, 8:45am

Emptiness across the universe, waves of love spread along the loneliness. Beautiful semi-sunny february evening , the prettiest pink clouds shaped like the largest ocean waves. The sun is setting, moving further away, from the colors of orange to the colors f pink, it moves to tell me that finale is just around the corner.

            Damn even the sky had to remind me its Valentines day ehÖ..Thank you very much but you know what SCREW YOU for all I care.

My lazy morning started of lazy as usual, spending the better half of the day cramming for a speech exam 2moro was ssooooo not my idea of fun. The evening was in, spend it with Adith, nope hes not an 18yrs old hot ABCD with an attitude, NOPE he is my 4yr old cousin, well the ABCD part and attitude part might be true. He asked me questions starting from why the sky was pink and why I dint get Red roses like his mom did, obviously his father brought them for her. Well all fucked up mushy stuff happening around me and its NOT Funny any longer.

I spent the evening with my khandan watching a Dog show eating Pizza.


P.S Lean dude, see I could beat you, working is definitely better than watching a Dog show, shut up now donít argue. hehhehe

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Posted by Deidamea 14 February 2005, 11:16am

moon lit rain
smile with stars
melt with pain
seconds of bliss
gone in minutes

search begun
heart awaits
mind forgets
thoughts undone
find me

find me today

For all those who have found the someone

Happy Valentines day!

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Posted by Deidamea 12 February 2005, 9:24am


My blaaag vopens *runs around in panic*

Somethings wrong with it???  Im pretty sure. I gave up

after all those days of getting up everymorning banging

my head back and forth trying to figure out what

happend to it. When it suddently opened today am not

able to take it.

I gave up and very nicely created another blog, its called name i know i know. I got all hyper,

mast new blog will do like that, will do like this and sat

for 2 hours, almost learnt Html and made of new

template also.....but damn i like this blog too much to

let go *sob sob*


dammmn u FH ppl..........what on earth took you so long

to fix the mess?????

GLAD TO HAVE MY DEAR blaaag back

Yes people am a sad person, I livve to blog, not to eat

like most of the people i know.


MY blog is back

My blog is back

My blog is back

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Posted by Deidamea 07 February 2005, 10:11am

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The wind against me, I walk past, profiling and not bothered. The blood rushed around up and I sat down, closed the door a sudden sense of security. The door shut, the windows all pulled up, the a/c switched on and click click the car is mine. I own it for this moment, to an adequate time span of blissful happiness. My fingers touched the key, the key turned and engine roars against the sound of wind. The sound of the CD player the CD rapidly turning inside and then the journey begins, and the beats of rhythm, waves of sound travel hit me and tell me you can float beyond your imagination just try. My leg pushing the accelerator down and an abrupt feeling of everything being in my control. The world passing me by and for once I am doing it and not anyone else, I like it, the sound of the wind and when a track ends and the way I can fight by just touching a couple of things to move forward.


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Posted by Deidamea 03 February 2005, 2:22am



blur: how is hyd re baap
Sita : hehe
Sita : what u want to know
blur: yesterday i read aloques blog and thr was this one  post of how tankbund looks when its about to rain....fuck i wanted to cry
Sita : :)
Sita : i know
Sita : that was a beautiful post
blur : i used to go on that bike on it arghhh so windy and the smell fuck i miss it
Sita : and it must affect uu most
blur: yaw sob sob sob
Sita : aw sweety
Sita : only 14 weeks more
blur: no re 13 weeks and 3 days
Sita : remember the mirchi bajji's from downstairs uncle on terrace ah?
Sita : so much conspiration we did watching tank bund rain..
blur : heheh yeah my terrace the best place in the world.....shit i used to have fun thr
Sita : damn!!
blur : under that tank, not getting wet, mike running arnd shit shit shit
blur : ugh this is lameeee and very sad
blur : im stoping this convo
blur : i should blog this

frnd= the one who stays uptill 3 in da mornin to talk about tankbund

weird way to put it eh...but i love my frnds

I know that this is not going to be one of the moments am going to remember for the rest of my life but hey isnt it the details and small things in life that make it worth living!



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Posted by Deidamea 02 February 2005, 9:44am

My ROCKING DAY or should I say my day while tripping over a gahzillion rocks. The lamest sentense i wrote so far eh??? or did I beat that too?  Who gives a shit anyway. The most wonderful days in life are those days when your intelligence doesn't seem to stop amazing you. I had one of those nifty days today. I was smart enough to set my alarm to 6pm instead of 6am and ended up getting up at 7:40.

I only got up because my cousin knocked on my door.....dont you have to go to college??? I was like eh?? today is tuesday ah? (I have college only on tue and thur) Gawd after that everything else was shitty, i called my project partner to the wrong coomputer lab and when i found him and went online they were seven people buzzing me on yahoo and msn. My day was a total disaster. The only nice thing that happend to me was watching Garfield,awesome awesome awesome movie. Always liked the cartoons and damn the movie. Awfully cute, talking tooo gurlie eh. ok will stop now.

Sometimes I wonder, how someone's day could be such a mess and how a fat, lazy lasagne eating cat could make your life seem so OK all of a sudden. Thats how a mind works i guess, all wodner and all abrupt turns, sometimes nice and sometimes annoying.

SOMETIMES it all seems just fine although everything is wrong, kinda like those days.


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