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Category: General

Blog hopping

Neurotron | 15 May 2004, 2:00am

Nowhere near as much fun as pub hopping, but makes do with what one does when one has nothing else to do... What.Ever. I've been going thru the 'most popular' blogs out here, and it's nice to see signs of intelligent life. Gaia is happy tonite, she blesses us with cool, freelove weather. God bless rum manufacturers. Maybe I should have left my blog add on the blogs I commented at. Oh well... My propensity for adirectional rambling is phenomenal and rather well known. Once upon a time, it was called 'losing it', and was rather fun, for both parties. As in the loser and the losee. This post will not put me into the exalted list. Neither will the next. Who cares. Rambling needs no takers. No wonder the insane (according to the 'sane') are so happy. This situation begs a few answers... In another world, I'm the Non-Sensei. Just in case our paths have crossed. I wonder why, in genetic terms, mating is called 'crossing'. The term 'crossing guard' must have had tremendous significance on Baywatch. "Keep them running...ALL the time.." - Chandler. Which brings us to the end of a legend. 6 people and a coffee place. Thank you for many, many wasted hours, spent in warm, comforting arms... And lest my session expire, I will conclude. Brevity rocks. Charas.

Current Mood: Irreverent
Current Music: Children - Robert Miles, Dreamland

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Someone tell me...

Neurotron | 14 May 2004, 3:44pm

SOmeone tell me how the fuck to change paragraphs. Or even start a new line, for frig's sake. It's coming out as one big para now. And you can't see jack on some templates...tho' the background is good and desirable... Fastly, please.

Current Mood: Angry
Current Music: Rammstein

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Neurotron | 5 May 2004, 12:12am

Maybe there should be a link from the myblogs section saying 'view blog'. Or one which serves a similar purpose eh? Compulsory title, mood and music??? The options are great, but that's what they could stay - options, not compulsions. The crowd's butter though...nice...till next, Wakaw!!

Current Mood: Thoughtful
Current Music: asfw

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Neurotron | 4 May 2004, 1:44pm

I should be able to read my previous posts without having to post first every to is the do this thingie?

Current Mood: Angry
Current Music: None

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Neurotron | 14 April 2004, 12:36pm

how do I get directly to my blog without HAVING to post everytime?? I just want to c if I have any comments...

Current Mood: Screwed
Current Music: None

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Om Name-aya namah

Neurotron | 14 April 2004, 2:05am

Sir Blogalot, Spaceman Spliff, Conan the HungArian, and the other names I haven't thought of yet are copyrighted. DO NOT attempt to use them without explicit prior permission. Penalties include a personal introduction to the Neurotron, death by blog and other 'orrible thangs. You have been warned.

Current Mood: Wicked
Current Music: Talvin Singh - Butterfly

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Neurotron | 13 April 2004, 3:57pm

what happens when I do... this...

Current Mood: Confused
Current Music: sgeth

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