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6 Sep 2013

Pack of Cards

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when you were too frail
in flesh, skull and bone
they, as you saw them, held you
caringly helped you stand up
and taught you to walk and run

so that, a card as you are,
when the kings and aces trample
you don't get beaten and blown
but rise after every fall

and now, when you,
strong, having aged, and firm
help a few frail ones, yourself
you see them, the old ones, falling
one. by one. by one. and one

pride will not see you through
this game of cards, you will lose
and each one, when he leaves,
leaves you more naked

6 Jul 2013

Across the Ages

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The Pageturners’ final list is up (for Across the Ages anthology). Nice to have made it. Now waiting to see it in print.

1 Jan 2013


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Welcome, 2013!

29 Sep 2011


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28 Dec 2010


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happy new year

May there be more light at the end of the tunnel, or fewer tunnels at the end of the light!

14 Dec 2010


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up in smoke - twothousandten

...for, it's the fag end of this year!

2 Oct 2010

Str a n ded

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Impasse. I've lost it.

I'm making the most outrageous move in life.

30 Sep 2010


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20 Sep 2010

Paradox of Fate

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I rarely found a more beautiful reference to the paradox of fate than this line (in Telugu).

choosenduku achamgaa mana bhaashe anipistunnaa aksharamu ardham kaani ee vidhi raata

Simple words, profound, lyrical. (Thanks to Seetarama Sastri sir)

I wish I could translate it as beautifully into English (I even wonder if it could be written as beautifully in English), but roughly it translates to this:
even as it appears to be exactly in our language, yet not even a letter is comprehensible

16 Jul 2010


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The road was damp. It just stopped raining. The bird fluttered its wings and took to the skies. The leaves drooped with the weight of rain. The baby cried, aching for a reassuring hug from its mother. The flower dropped to the ground, to be crushed by the speeding wheels of the car. The young man behind the wheels jived to the music. The Sun tried in vain to peer through the dark clouds. It would rain again. It was a gentle breeze but it was strong enough to blow the weary leaf off the branch. It would fall. The rain would, too. The buds would bloom.

Sid looked, as he walked, at the clouds. It will rain. Some will dance. Some will die.

There's no knowing when life beats you. Vulnerability is the true measure of strength.

"Guess it comes down to a simple choice really. Get busy living, or get busy dying"
- Andy, Shawshank Redemption

22 May 2010


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24 Feb 2010

Free Fall

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Act I


A slip from the edge of a cliff. Life drives the direction of the fall. Self resists. Hopes for the chute to open.

It ends.

Act II


Self, the fictitious entity, has been evicted. Life takes over. The free fall is on. Now... wherever it takes...

17 Feb 2010

Title Matters Not

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Things must go wrong with him. There's no other way. All he gets is to chat with her, and then it all hangs at the mercy of the connection. And it goes bust at a most decisive moment.

It shows her offline. His messages don't reach her. He stares at the screen helplessly. She signs back in. Wasting no moment, he types... clicks send. And he sends more messages...

xxxx (her name)
xxxx. pls talk
am sorry, i ws upset...
wanted to write u... obviously can't be a blog post... when u suggested i put it on blog, i was upset... am sorry, xxxx
pls talk'
i am sorry. plssss talk
Not connected - [xxxx. i'm sorry, xxxx. pls talk]

Now he realises that he is offline! He quickly ups the connection. But he's a tad too late. She has gone offline!

Bad things happen in threes, according to probability. With him, though, they happen in hundreds, continuously, and with infallible precision. When even the most bitter cynicism fails, one starts laughing at himself.

While at it, a nice quote (about bad luck): "It floats around. Has to land on somebody. Say a storm comes through. Some folks sit in their living rooms and enjoy the rain. The house next door gets torn out of the ground and smashed flat. It was my turn, that's all."

29 Sep 2009


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