My Pact With Death!

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Death... I've promised it that someday we'll meet.

A day when thunder strikes without lightning.

When the murky sun ascends

When sleep overcomes the painful sinking nerves,

And the golden moon rises slowly...

Through the mist of shadow

When the sun sets at twilight

And the night is on the horizon

It is neither dark nor bright,

Neither night nor day.

When life no longer subsists,

And the corpse starts breathing.

I've assured death that then we'll meet.

Don't Call Yourself A Hyderabadi

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In No Particular Order 
  1. If you haven't been to the Necklace Road, and spent hours on together looking to ogle over that ever elusive beauty who always leaves when you come or who always comes when you leave.
  2. If you haven't been to an authentic Hyderabadi restaurant, and eaten the plastic out of the plate of Hyderabadi Biryani.
  3. If you haven't discussed about the latest movie of RGV over a plate of pizza or chat.
  4.  If you have never bribed a traffic police officer cause you jumped a signal or weren't wearing a helmet, or heck cause he wants money one way or the other!
  5. If you never went to any of the zillion malls in town just for the sake of letting other people know that you too are a part of the city.
  6. If you never danced or tranced during the hundreds of festivals that the city celebrates.
  7. If you never had more that ten cups of tea per day along with osmania biscuits.
  8. If you never visited Prasads or PVR just to make sure that you complete this checklist.
  9. If you havent commented on the political scenario even though your only previous experience in commenting lies in those anonymous comments that you made on blogs of narcissistic egomaniacs.

Now here is the catch, you may be forgiven and may even be accepted as a Hyderabadi without doing any of the above activities but you surely will not be taken on as a Hyderabadi resident had you not

    10.  Eaten Samosas at Subbiah's. 

P.S. - I am not Subbiah's online marketing agent, although I like his Samosas!!

The Official Establishment For The House Of Corruption

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"The Indian parliament is a brothel, where conscience is prostituted."

Not the right way to start a blog post, many may say... But looking at the present scenario of Indian politics and to the depths it has sunk to, makes every Indian and every democratic person to hang his/her head in shame.

Ministers leaving allies whom they had been with for decades to be a part of the  ruling government just for the sake of a cabinet post so that they can serve the country better (read new money making opportunity).

All these are known to the people and now the entire prostituition racket if I can call it has unfurled on live TV. What does this mean? Does this mean a better tomorrow? or does this mean a developed country emerging from the depths of the abyss?  Uh... I guess not, but I hope it does. But it isn't quite possible for a change, a revolution to be born in the enclosed chambers of the Parliament of India (read - an official establishment for the house of corruption.)

We have had umpteen number of good leaders who never became what we expected them to become, look at Indira Gandhi, Rajeev Gandhi, Vajpayee and even Manmohan Singh for that matter.

But yes, we had a truly corrupt and power hungry set of leaders in each of these politicians, like Indira Gandhi and the Bangladesh war, Rajeev Gandhi and the LTTE/IPKF war, Vajpayee and the Godhra violence, and Manmohan Singh and the Nuclear deal.

We have been independent for six decades now, two generations of India's leaders have come and gone, but all they've ever done was sit / sleep / shout / abuse / throw furniture / be absent from the Parliament and Assembly meetings.

Now there are articles about student/ young leaders like Rahul Gandhi, Sachin Pilot and their likes making it to the top. But they themselves are distorted about their ideas and new plans for the country. Do they look for a young and dynamic set of leaders by dumping existing party seniors or do they put their trust in the octagenerians who have lived their entire life in the party doing nothing and apparently worth nothing?

Well, whatever may be the outcome of all the elections in this country, for now the rules of the governing party are these -  Make sure that they rake in as much money as possible, make sure that for five years there are not too many obstacles and barriers which could damage their hopes for a second term, do things in the last year or less than that to make the voters happy just before the next elections, comment on live television about the other party's injustices when they were in power and all the nonsensical things you have done as a minister now are less than what they had done before.

And yeah before I end, for anybody who is likely of commenting about people should join politics if they are so truly concerned about the country and all - Firstly Indian politics is already in troubled waters, secondly anyone who puts their feet in is likely to swim along with the stream or drown in it.

Jai Hind!

Average Indian Female Driver??

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Sorry but the post has been deleted. Another one bites the dust.

Will hopefully be more careful before indulging in controversial and chauvinistic views. Sorry for all the trouble caused.


BCCI--Board Of Cash And Confusion Of India

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Following the ouster of Zimbabwe from ICC, articles about the ICC's decision have been doing the rounds and this one takes the cake.

Statement from a BCCI spokesperson:
"We have always supported Zimbabwe cricket and have nothing to do with the political situation there," a senior BCCI official told Cricinfo. "In fact, we are a bit surprised that the issue has been brought up once again since the ICC board had discussed this last year and decided clearly that politics and cricket can't be mixed. The BCCI believes that a country's politics and its cricket don't go together. There is no reason to change our stand now."

Politics and cricket don't go together huh? In that case, how come the country's agricultural minister is the president of the BCCI?

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