What Is The Meaning Of Life?

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'Meaning' implies a sense of significance, a goal, purpose and/or intent.

So for life to have a meaning, it should have a purpose or a goal. And that goal should be commonly available to achieve by everyone! Because no one individual's life is more or less significant than the rest of the population.

And since no such goal exists (at least none that all of us commonly are aware and know of) I'm not sure if there is a meaning to life. There is no (and never has been any) verifiable evidence that life has meaning; other than to just reproduce and to continue the chain of life.

If you're religiously inclined, you'd say that the purpose is God and that God adds meaning to life. But then again which God? Out of the thousands of religions and Gods, which particular God leads us to discover the meaning of life? And is the knowledge of this particular God being the pathway to a meaningful life commonly available to all people and is this verifiable through empirical evidence?

If you're a scientist, you'd say the purpose is to find new answers and gain new insights. If you're a philosopher, you'd say the purpose is to fine tune yourself and understand yourself better. If you're an artist, your purpose could be to create an unparalleled piece of art. And the list goes on...

By summing all these up, we can see that there is no common purpose to anybody. But one common trait is that there is always a sense of craving to seek out a purpose which adds meaning to life.

So even though there is no common meaning to life, there always is a desire to find a meaning so that you sustain yourself and through it you sustain life itself by reproducing and continuing the chain of life. 

Life has no other meaning than to find a meaning (albeit imaginary and personal).

Rants Of A Male Feminist!

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Is Indian society gender biased? - Totally

Biased towards whom - women or men? Well, that requires a longer explanation.

Here are a few hypothetical situations I use to explain my stance as a male feminist -

1. A girl in the office has a problem and she's not even asking for help but has 10 guys around her who're all trying to help her out.

Now men would perceive this incident as being Anti-men as no man would go help another man unless they're friends. But women would argue saying the only reason the men help is because they're trying to get into the girl's pants and also shows that men feel women are weak and need a man's support.

2. The son wants to become a chef and the daughter wants to become a pilot. And the dad says to the son 'Cooking is a woman's job! Do something manly, become a doctor or an engineer so that you find a good wife who'll cook for you instead of you cooking for her!!' 

And then to the daughter says this, 'Being a pilot is no easy thing. A lot of men struggle on their quest to become a pilot and you're just a girl. Get a simple job or else nobody will want to marry you.'

3. A guy goes to a girl at a mall and tells her that she has amazing eyes and he thinks she looks absolutely beautiful. The girl thinks this guy is flirting with her (which is read most of the times as eve-teasing) and starts screaming. A huge crowd gathers around and lynches the guy.

The guy didn't have any malevolent intentions towards the girl. The girl was too scared since incidents like these are commonplace in India and didn't want to end up being molested by a psychotic bastard.

Now, men might look like they were the victims in all of these situations but they aren't! They feel victimized since the law/society supports females - but why does the society support females? Since they feel women cannot fend for themselves, since women are weak, powerless, emotionally fallible and that their only role in society is to produce babies and look after the 'divine' husband!

And not just these, but there are several other incidents which are beyond public view (the undercurrents of Indian society) where females don't just face bias but are victims to physical and emotional crimes -

Sexual Molestation and Rape
Domestic Violence
Bias at offices while receiving salary hikes or promotions
Females looked upon as the weaker sex
Urban women who are liberal are termed 'Sluts' and frowned upon! (while men are termed 'Playboys' and it's actually a huge compliment)

Let me explain the sexual molestation part in a bit more detail...

Some guys will treat a female stranger with a lot of concern and show a great deal of safety when in a public setting (i.e when other people are looking). But these same guys will not blink an eye to molest a girl when they're alone.

The same guys who in a crowd show great respect towards women will secretly be a sadistic sexually starved psychopath!

And although there are cases of women taking advantage of some issues (like fabricating domestic violence and/or molestation claims) but these are just too few compared to the daily basis on which rape, molestation and other women based atrocities are committed in India.

The best and also the simplest way to develop India is through female emancipation and empowerment. Educate women, every woman, and I assure you that the future generations will witness the golden era of India.

P.S. - I am a feminist. That does not mean I hate men, nor does that mean that I think all men are evil and/or rapists. I just want equality and fairness for everyone.

Dwelling In Nothingness

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As I lay down on the bed in semi-consciousness, I try and recollect the vague events of the past few hours. And also some dark memories from a distant time.

I'm now numb on the bed. No feelings, no emotions, Only REFLEX!

Hours pass by in a wink, and I'm still thinking - of that elusive female in the white dress. Of the conversations which should have taken place in real life instead of in my head. Of things I should have said and done a year ago. Of the drive back home. Of things that truly don't matter anymore!

In between all this chaos, reality strikes. And it strikes hard. I realize that if someone you trust hurts you... Cry a river... Build a bridge... And GET OVER IT!! LET GO!!!
Let go…that’s easy when you spell it out…just two words which take just 5 keys to type in... But still people let go… And at times  they do it so mercilessly that you end up wondering, after all, was any of it worth it anyway?
The truth is I don’t feel like keying anything right now… because my thoughts process never stops in my mind and I find it increasingly difficult to focus on one of them… It’s pretty scary for me and I don’t want to face them. I don’t want to confront anything that sets my thoughts on fire and burns away the small hope that's left in my life.

Paradox Of Fiction

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Dateline - August 4, 2012

We were both glad to be meeting each other.
She walked in with a smile on her face, glad that I was there.
And so was I.

She later spoke about life, the people in it and what she aspires from it.
And I of my past, my memories and the people I missed.

It was twilight.
She was pleased that she had found what she was looking for.
And I was relieved to find what I was looking for.
She had rediscovered forgotten memories.
And I had found trust. And a friend from half way around the world.
And in a mysterious way we were both contented. Comfortable.

I thought that if there ever was forever - this is what it is supposed to feel like!

No expectations. No preconceptions. Talking. Reminiscing. Not knowing when we'll meet like this again.

And the moments were sewn together so magnificently that the threads which held our memories blended into each other perfectly with no way to set them apart.

But as much as we wish to pause time and cling on to the instants that make our lives worth the pain, time shows us that everything must change and we must move on.

And so here I am... sitting in the same place where I had started. And she in the same place she was before the journey.

But we both reached a place we were not so sure of discovering at the beginning - Happiness!

P.S. - This post is heavily borrowed from an article I read a long time ago on Facebook... So all credit and apologies to the original writer.

How Does A Story End?

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It seems to me that when stories are written they start off being very detailed and articulate. They have all these different characters with each having stories of their own and then their own emotions and how these characters develop and change forms the crux.

But how does a story end? Do things get better or worse? And is the end that important? When I write stuff I don't care about the end. But when things get too complicated and hypocrisy seeps in I end stories.

But what good is the end? And do the stories really end? I could write about a king slaying a dragon and end it there. But what next? The story doesn't end there. Just that part of it does.

As a child I used to imagine what happened to those kings and knights. What happens afterwards, do they truly live happily ever after? Do they lead successful lives with no more misery?

Stories end when we stop reading and stop thinking about the characters. For me stories never end. I might forget them for a while, but the stories and characters will always exist... And I always hope they are as happy as the stories they are a part of say they are!

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