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A Minor Lapse Of Integrity?

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I come home and turn on the telly to see two politicians arguing about who amongst them is less corrupt.

Pretty interesting - I get my smartphone out and tweet "Some things never change. #IndianPolitics"

Now one of them asserts that his party was less corrupt during their term and gives proof for his claims, the other counters that her party had lesser criminals during their term. Awesome retort!!

I continue watching for ten more minutes before the show breaks into a much delayed advertisement.

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Farmer suicides - old news, I've been hearing about this since a decade!

Tweet - "1.2 billion people relieving themselves could fill all the dams in India #ImSureThatsATrueStat"

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Fairness cream ad - I tried that cream two weeks ago - doesn't work - stupid cream!

Anyway need to tweet - "Racism is in India's blood. Indians need to change #FairnessCreamAds".

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AIB Knockout, Aamir Khan and censorship in India - Why do these people keep fighting - Get on with your lives, Jackasses!! Give me something new, this stuff is two weeks old already!!

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ISIS, Boko Haram and Ukraine

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Sunny Leone - Seen a lot more of her on the internet!!

Tweet - "SexEducation seems to be bollywood's agenda not the governments!! LOL!! #Itemsongs"

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Hindutva and Valentine's - Both of these groups are ****s! They're not allowing people like me to spend time with my girlfriend in peace.

Tweet 1 - "Conservative Indians are ruining the country #mahasabha" 

Tweet 2 - "If you have a girlfriend keep her at home, why would you want to flaunt her on the streets anyway #rapes"

Upvote and like the memes on facebook which joke about the Valentine's day threats - my job here is done!

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Some random movie, it's at one of those scenes where the actor is smoking and drinking and they put those stupid subtitles which tell me that smoking and booze are injurious - I got the point 5 years ago! Now let me have my vodka in peace!

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Random sleazy deodrant ad which objectifies women - the usual stuff - *YAWN*

Off to bed.


We've grown so far apart from reality, it is no wonder that we call our public service broadcaster 'DoorDarshan'.

Integrity - Doing the right thing even when nobody is watching.

A Conundrum Called India!

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Premise - We were told in school that by the year 2020, India would become a developed nation aka Vision 2020.

According to the United Nations Statistics Division, 

"There is no established convention for the designation of "developed" and "developing" countries or areas in the United Nations system."

And it also notes that

The designations "developed" and "developing" are intended for statistical convenience and do not necessarily express a judgement about the stage reached by a particular country or area in the development process.

Wikipedia defines 'Developed Nation' as 'a sovereign state that has a highly developed economy and advanced technological infrastructure relative to other less industrialized nations.'

And on such a list India is categorized as a Newly industrialized country - which is the intermediate state between fully  developed and developing countries.

Coming back to the United Nations; the UN ranks countries on the Human Development Index (HDI). HDI is a composite statistic of life expectancy, education, and income indices used to rank countries into four tiers of human development. The four tiers being Very High, High, Medium and Low.

And on that HDI list for year 2013, India ranks 135th out of 187 nations.

India ranks 118 on a list of nations sorted based on Gross National Income per capita at purchasing power parity.

India is ranked 16th in the Global Hunger Index (meaning it is the 16th worst nation and suffers an alarming food and nutrition scarcity).

And adding to all those bad rankings is the one that states that India is ranked 111th in Global Happiness Index.

I know these rankings cannot be taken as a basis for the entirety of our nation, as India has a gaping divide between the urban and rural areas, but that too is part of our problem.

Anyway, leaving all these technical definitions and rankings alone, I personally feel that a developed nation is one that has proper education to everybody, is a relatively safe country, has little/no gender inequality, has a high per capita income, has no risk of major epidemics and has good amenities (drinking water, drainage, sewage etc).

I think India has a long way to go before becoming a developed nation. We as a nation are still struggling to come to terms with poverty, unemployment, inflation, epidemics, basic drainage and sewage, growing population, gender inequality, crime etc.

Growing economic inequality too adds to this list as the rich and the urban folk tend to be ignorant of the problems being suffered by the vast majority of the nations rural areas. And the rural areas suffer from illiteracy, caste based politics, religious and social dogma and also farmer suicides.

I don't intend this post to showcase India in a bad light nor do I mean that it is all downhill for our nation. All the statistics and numbers stated here are from the sources that I've mentioned below. I feel that we as a nation have a long road before calling ourselves developed.

And if we go about calling ourselves developed without solving a majority of the problems and by simply relying on terminology and rankings then it isn't going to make much of a difference for the majority of the 1.2 billion people that reside in our nation.

Anyways on a positive note, the good news is that India is getting better! Hunger is falling in India and the per capita income is rising. Our economy is classified as an emerging economy and since the past few years there has been a steady shift in global economic power, away from the developed (G7) economies, towards emerging nations like India. 

Also the literacy rate in India is growing rapidly - it grew from 64% in 2001 to 74% in 2011. The youth literacy rate (15-24 age) is 81%. 

Now 2020 might not be a realistic possibility for calling ourselves a developed nation but there definitely is progress towards a better state of livelihood, better governance and we can see a surge towards rapid industrialization in the rural areas.

India ranks 111 in global happiness index
Developed country
List of countries by GNI (PPP) per capita
List of countries by Human Development Index
Literacy in India
Global Hunger Index
Poverty in India


Why Do People Vote?

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Before I start ranting my points of view and my reasons on why people vote, let's just think up some general facts about India's elections.
1.2 billion People!
762 million voters!
~450 million people who actually cast their vote.
Now back to - Why do people vote?
Obviously the answer is for a better nation. And sometimes (actually most of the times in a nation like ours) for our own selfish reasons.
Voting essentially goes down to what Mr.A or Mr.B or anyone else is going to do that will benefit YOU!! This might sound pretty selfish and also foolish to some of you, but I wouldn't vote for Mr. X if s/he said that they’d build dams and provide electricity to some random village in a state I do not live in! I mean I wouldn't even know if they have even built them! I would rather vote for someone who promises stuff where I live, where I stay, where I might benefit and where it might help me live better!
So yea if you're voting for someone who isn't going to help you in any way, you obviously wouldn't vote - I mean, think of it, there's no logical reason for you to be such a selfless being unless you already are a huge billionaire philanthropist or are an ascetic. 
Another very important point - You don't get to vote for the leaders of the party in India, you get to vote for the local MP of that party in your locality. So what primarily matters to you is your own locality! The party president or the Prime Ministerial Candidate isn't going to do wonders in your neighborhood but your local MP might! So choose based on your local MPs and not based on the person in New Delhi!
Also based on my conversations with friends, foes and strangers, I have understood that elections and party allegiance divides people a lot in our country. And the reasons for these divisions among the people are the issues over which people cast their votes. First, it used to caste based politics and now it is issue based politics. Do you want to vote for a person who aims to curb corruption? Or do you want to vote for someone who is going to develop the country? Or do you vote for someone who comes from the oldest and the strongest political party of the country?
The issues in the upcoming elections are pretty tricky. Corruption versus Development; New versus Old; Efficiency versus Experience… and the list goes on. And then there’s the secularist point of view and also the point of view of the common man. So which issue is your priority? What is the central concern of yours that you seek resolve while deciding on whom to vote?

I don't mean to influence your views in any way. I myself am pretty confused about whom to vote for - I support a political party and also like the party's manifesto at the center but I'm not so sure about their local MP in my constituency; so I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.
Anyway, these are my own personal points of view. They are not meant to intentionally or otherwise coerce someone into voting for one political party or the other. I maintain my opinions to myself and these points mentioned here are not meant to be taken as a complete list or an analysis and should not be used to drive you to vote or not vote for someone.
P.S - Your vote counts! It's your right, it's your responsibility and it's your future! GO VOTE! And if you don't (or didn't) vote then don't complain!! I, personally, am very tensed and nervous about voting! I value its power and I know the responsibility I'll have to carry in my heart when my vote goes to someone who ends up being a wrong choice!
P.P.S. – For all the people who say things won’t change even if you vote – well, I can’t guarantee that things will change with your vote. But I can guarantee that they won’t change if you don’t vote! BTW this time there’s the NOTA (none of the above) option, so you can go vote for nobody – rather than not voting at all!!

Rants Of A Male Feminist!

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Is Indian society gender biased? - Totally

Biased towards whom - women or men? Well, that requires a longer explanation.

Here are a few hypothetical situations I use to explain my stance as a male feminist -

1. A girl in the office has a problem and she's not even asking for help but has 10 guys around her who're all trying to help her out.

Now men would perceive this incident as being Anti-men as no man would go help another man unless they're friends. But women would argue saying the only reason the men help is because they're trying to get into the girl's pants and also shows that men feel women are weak and need a man's support.

2. The son wants to become a chef and the daughter wants to become a pilot. And the dad says to the son 'Cooking is a woman's job! Do something manly, become a doctor or an engineer so that you find a good wife who'll cook for you instead of you cooking for her!!' 

And then to the daughter says this, 'Being a pilot is no easy thing. A lot of men struggle on their quest to become a pilot and you're just a girl. Get a simple job or else nobody will want to marry you.'

3. A guy goes to a girl at a mall and tells her that she has amazing eyes and he thinks she looks absolutely beautiful. The girl thinks this guy is flirting with her (which is read most of the times as eve-teasing) and starts screaming. A huge crowd gathers around and lynches the guy.

The guy didn't have any malevolent intentions towards the girl. The girl was too scared since incidents like these are commonplace in India and didn't want to end up being molested by a psychotic bastard.

Now, men might look like they were the victims in all of these situations but they aren't! They feel victimized since the law/society supports females - but why does the society support females? Since they feel women cannot fend for themselves, since women are weak, powerless, emotionally fallible and that their only role in society is to produce babies and look after the 'divine' husband!

And not just these, but there are several other incidents which are beyond public view (the undercurrents of Indian society) where females don't just face bias but are victims to physical and emotional crimes -

Sexual Molestation and Rape
Domestic Violence
Bias at offices while receiving salary hikes or promotions
Females looked upon as the weaker sex
Urban women who are liberal are termed 'Sluts' and frowned upon! (while men are termed 'Playboys' and it's actually a huge compliment)

Let me explain the sexual molestation part in a bit more detail...

Some guys will treat a female stranger with a lot of concern and show a great deal of safety when in a public setting (i.e when other people are looking). But these same guys will not blink an eye to molest a girl when they're alone.

The same guys who in a crowd show great respect towards women will secretly be a sadistic sexually starved psychopath!

And although there are cases of women taking advantage of some issues (like fabricating domestic violence and/or molestation claims) but these are just too few compared to the daily basis on which rape, molestation and other women based atrocities are committed in India.

The best and also the simplest way to develop India is through female emancipation and empowerment. Educate women, every woman, and I assure you that the future generations will witness the golden era of India.

P.S. - I am a feminist. That does not mean I hate men, nor does that mean that I think all men are evil and/or rapists. I just want equality and fairness for everyone.

No Country For Women!

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I told one of my female friends who is on her way to New Delhi to stay safe. It ashamed me that I was saying this to a fellow Indian and it clearly defines how much trust people have about the police, government and the law.

Crimes against Females have become a crime of no significance in our country filled with thousands of Goddesses and where femininity is considered divine.

And when I mention crimes against females I'm not just talking about Rape and eve teasing, there are several other factors which lead to these major issues. Factors like gender equality, seeing and treating females as the weaker sex, female infanticide, lack of education, improper sexual education, sticking to prehistoric and medieval practices of caste system and dowry, women being treated as objects of lust and sex, lack of proper communication and lack of freedom to girls and the list can go on and on and on...

When was the last time you heard about domestic abuse/violence in Indian news media? Does the government do anything in matters like these? Police doesn't even register cases for domestic abuse and say it’s a family matter! If the police are apathetic then crime is surely going to rise.
I wonder how many of the people know about marital rape and its prevalence in society. Indian law doesn't even consider it to be a proper criminal offense!

The Indian male is the most hypocritical person on the planet! He treats his sister and mother with respect deserving of Gods and yet goes on to the streets and rapes a female in cold blood just cause he can't control his lust and then goes on to blame the girl and her attire!

And the fact that women in the world's largest democracy have to fight for safety, security and dignity is a shame. Where is India heading? We call our country Bharath Mata or 'Motherland' respecting the values and sacrifices a woman makes and yet rape statistics in India are among the worst in the world.

What we need to do to the rapists and violators is debatable but what we need to do to our thinking is not.

1. Discrimination - dowry, caste, gender inequality, weaker sex, rights, family bias towards males, and lack of education - all these must stop.

2. Sex education - Talk freely about sex with your kids - India has 1.2 billion people yet sex is still a taboo subject in our country. SHAME!

3. Domestic Violence - It is A CRIME. Most Indian husbands treat their wives like objects and property. The wishes of wives are never considered and violence and physical abuse are pretty common in Indian households. SHAME AGAIN! Words cannot describe my anger; frustration and anguish at people who treat wives are slaves!

4. The Indian women - they are a part of the problem too. They hardly try to accept the fact they can be independent, hardworking and successful. They look forward to a male to support them and feel the decisions made by their parents are in the best interests!

5. Arranged Marriage - a system where females are treated as objects in a super market and you compare products and take one home - slavery is a better term to use! Women have hearts and dreams and ambitions! They are not property! And if people do want to go with arranged marriage then the opinion of both the people and also a proper background check should be made.

6. Police - A system where a cop says a woman deserved to be raped for wearing provocative clothing is not a system. It's a farce!

7. Family and Society - A society where people are afraid and stop women from going out at night is a society in trouble and a society which needs to seriously introspect into how it runs. And people need to understand that society is not safe because society does nothing to set things straight!

Again I tell you rape is a result of a far bigger problem haunting Indian society. It's a shame that Indian women feel scared of walking on the streets of their home town and are sure that someone is going to taunt; tease, abuse or worse still, rape them.

I know many people will again start saying these are just statements you make and nothing serious will come out of all these silly blogs. And so to all the cynics and sexists reading this - You are the biggest part of the problem!

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