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My Life In Books.

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The course of life that I've charted upto now is filled with books. Books which inspired me, motivated me, made me wonder and also some books which made me feel sad and depressed.
All the books in my life! 

I've read books which range from crappy Chetan Bhagat shit to Dostoevsky. From Nietzsche to Ayn Rand. From Art of War and The Prince to religious works like The Bible, The Quran and The Bhagvath Gita. And I must say that all of them have inspired me in some way or the other. Some positively, some not as much.

I remember reading the religious books I mentioned soon after I finished my 10th exams. They changed my perspective about God, love, morality and the purpose of life. But today I'm not religiously inclined nor am I too spiritual - heck, I could easily be classified as a staunch atheist for all intents and purposes. But these books made me take up such a stance about God and religion - all these books had conflicting points amongst themselves, so I chose to remain religionless for a large part of time from them on.

During my Bachelor's I started reading other philosophical and radical books - books by Nietzsche and Ayn Rand. Nietzsche didn't have as much as an impact on me as Ayn Rand's Fountainhead - I must say it screwed up head in a lot of ways and I actually ended up being too Objectivistic for my own good. The book was followed by long periods of introspection, rejection of normalcy and manic depression. (Read my initial blog posts and you'll see the connection!)

Anyway, after the long and dark night of Objectivism came some amazing books like Dostoevsky's Brothers Karamazov - this was one amazing and profound book. It's among my favorite books of all time. And also Shantaram - which too is a personal favorite of mine.

In between Religion and Roark came Nietzche's Beyond Good and Evil and during that time I was inspired by Nihilism and Existentialism.

So from a outside perspective you can see how I went from being religious or spiritual (while reading The Quran, The Bible and The Gita) to learning about the meaninglessness of life (Nietzsche) to being self-sufficient and reclusive (Ayn Rand).

After all these books, came a period of lull - I stopped reading so that I could stop being inspired by every other book that came my way. I shifted to science, Wikipedia and gaining knowledge, I learnt new things about life, morality and death and I started searching for purpose and aims and goals - but didn't find any. Science was a good way to sidetrack from all the philosophy I crammed into my brain but it didn't provide the answers I was looking for.

Then came the fall - After I lost all hope and was feeling as hopeless as I ever could (a year ago) I went back to square one. I started reading the old books again, retracing my path to get a better perspective and to get a deeper understanding as to why I behaved the way I did.

I just finished rereading Shantaram a few months ago and the circle you could say is complete. I've learnt from all the mistakes and I can see where and how I went wrong with all the ideologies and viewpoints I had. Now I start afresh. You could as well say that I have started a new life altogether.

My next few posts will elucidate further on the various books I mentioned in a more detailed manner and will reflect not just on the contents of the books but also on my state of mind while I read them.

P.S. - In addition to the books I mentioned, I also read works of Khalil Gibran, Khaled Hosseini, Rushdie, Orwell, Tolkien, Kafka, Nabokov and Orhan Pamuk.

Paradox Of Fiction

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Dateline - August 4, 2012

We were both glad to be meeting each other.
She walked in with a smile on her face, glad that I was there.
And so was I.

She later spoke about life, the people in it and what she aspires from it.
And I of my past, my memories and the people I missed.

It was twilight.
She was pleased that she had found what she was looking for.
And I was relieved to find what I was looking for.
She had rediscovered forgotten memories.
And I had found trust. And a friend from half way around the world.
And in a mysterious way we were both contented. Comfortable.

I thought that if there ever was forever - this is what it is supposed to feel like!

No expectations. No preconceptions. Talking. Reminiscing. Not knowing when we'll meet like this again.

And the moments were sewn together so magnificently that the threads which held our memories blended into each other perfectly with no way to set them apart.

But as much as we wish to pause time and cling on to the instants that make our lives worth the pain, time shows us that everything must change and we must move on.

And so here I am... sitting in the same place where I had started. And she in the same place she was before the journey.

But we both reached a place we were not so sure of discovering at the beginning - Happiness!

P.S. - This post is heavily borrowed from an article I read a long time ago on Facebook... So all credit and apologies to the original writer.

What Did I Do To Deserve This?

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After that incident I regret the very foundation of my existence. I wish my genetic code never reached its final destination. I wish my prehistoric ancestor died in infancy and erased the entire line of heritance I belong to.

I wish I was like the 6,918,933,762 other people on the planet who at the very least have a life to live.

Some say that time is a result of the expansion of the Universe, i.e. time’s existence came into being when the big bang occurred but I wish I had the power to reverse it.

What did I do to deserve this?

Of all the infinite possibilities of living a life and doing things, I have made choices and taken options that brought me there on that fateful day. A series of a gazillion interrelated incidents and moments that from the start of time itself was woven in such a way as to bring me there at that decisive moment.

The entire universe conjured up this plan to trick me into taking the course of action that I took.

Choices have been made and I can only continue on them. I have taken turns in places from where there is no return. My life is chained to the seat of a car with no airbags or seatbelts and heading towards an immovable wall at maximum velocity.

If only I could go back in time...

What did I do to deserve this?

I keep recalling the incident – the tragedy, the catastrophe, the misfortune and the lack of judgement. I keep thinking if I was in the right state of mind or if I was drugged? I know it was for real but why was I deluded into such an action? How could I have been misled?

How come? How on earth? How in the name of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?


How could I have eaten stale and rotten bajjis at Yadagiri’s for `25 when I could have eaten a plate of hot samosas at Siddheshwar’s for hardly half the price?


P.S. – It was actually a treat I was giving to my friends on the occasion of the third anniversary of my blog. But as fate would have it – Yadagiri had the last laugh! And I hope it is the last time he laughs!!

But still - What did I do to deserve this?


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Who can separate the stone from what it represents? Differentiate the sculpture from its image?

Once a saint, who for years on end stood still meditating was suddenly disturbed by loud noises and deafening war cries from far way. And as he motionlessly watched from the distance, a barbaric horde raided the area and wiped out the place, they caused enough damage for the land to become absolutely unrecognizable.

And soon after, they attacked a group of thirty odd peaceful, unarmed and respectable men. Men who had stood for honesty and moral values. Men who were revered and humane. Men who were kind and just. And what ensued was unimaginable – an unprecedented massacre, where a dozen of those highly regarded men were pulled away, targeted and assaulted.

They initially jabbed, and then they hacked and then they chopped. But soon they tied ropes to the victims’ bodies and tore them apart by pulling and tugging. And these men who had seen through years of harsh winds, pelting rain and the scorching sun with strength and solidarity were torn apart. And the broken remains of their bodies were later drowned. And the remaining men were left mutilated and scarred.

All the while a large group of soldiers looked on. These soldiers, contradictory to popular belief, betrayed the peoples’ trust and did nothing about the slaughter. In fact they knew that this might transpire but still did nothing about it.

And with great grief do I say this that even evil tyrants and sinners of the worst kind shouldn’t beget the torture that the honourable men suffered.

The horde then claimed to take over the empire and rule over it, which people thought would without a doubt lead to an era of darkness and gloom to descend over the doomed land. But the barbarians had their own soothsayers who deceptively asserted that the future would yield happiness and bring glory to the empire.

Easily deceived, the murderers and barbarians were praised and made leaders of the horde by people. And then the followers hoisted their flags and standards and went about vandalising and rioting.

And the men whom they had witnessed being callously taken apart were labelled fiends and imposters. And the acts and deeds, which these honourable men had done for centuries, were obliterated.

And as the saint watched with silence, the hearts of the people turned to stone.

As they say – time does petrify!

Footprints On History!

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Every-bloody-body wants to leave his/her footprint when they leave. Footprints on history! People always want their successors to look unto them and say these were my predecessors, my ancestors and my godparents. These people want to seek immortality in whatever they do.

What these people are doing in that way is stopping creativity, halting imagination and prohibiting originality. Never content, never satisfied or happy… these people throw what all they do onto their children or surrounding friends and family. They act as mentors and “guide” the people actually into room of vacuum.

Some might argue that we have evolved by such practices; I ask what evolution without originality or ingenuity is? What all we could have become but did not? What all we could have done but cannot?

We have arrived at the dead end of science and religion…we keep practicing the same principles, the same dogmas and directionless creed. What is philosophy if it is not your own? What is attitude if it is artificial? What is a stance or position if it is synthetic and simulated rather than your own?

I want to create my own footprints not my fore-fathers’… And I would rather sustain myself for my life rather than uphold a consignment of my ancestors’ history for ages.

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