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Movie Reviews by a MOve BUF!

Posted by Sagar | 1 Aug 2004, 8:53am

Hey manny movies in town...but afsoos watched almost everythin again...

Here are some o my reviews..

1.Spiderman 2

lovely Movie..especially if u liked the first part..More action...More Excitement an eve more also funnier..spidy is definitely back..Its really fun an a Must c movie..i felt it drags at times but it only adds up to the excitement...Dr.Octopus is Actually a realy kool lokin dude...i loved those sunglasses he wears....the bad guy actually looks dangerous...its a realy kool movie..a Must Watch..atleast once

2.Mujse Shaadi Karoge

This movie Made my weekend a ROAR! its a NON stop Comedy wid the occassional kulllu comedy from david dhawan...the Chemistry of Akshay kumar An Slaman Khan is AWESOME on screen...priyanka Chopra looks gorgeous in the movie...wat more do guys want..its a comepletey entertainin movie wid LOADS of suprises! blieve me i think this is one of his BEST films..its a tootal family entertainer an its DAMN people this IS the weddin of the week!


This is one of those serious movies...i personally found this movie gud..venkatesh has done a really good job..the Background score of this movie ROCKS...the songs are really kool an the action is gud...some people found it to violent(some of my frenz)..but i guess its a must c for the venkatesh fans..the music rocks an the heroine is gud as well..


SUCKS dont even wana Write about it!

c ya until the Next buncha movies

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Life at 90 Km!!!

Posted by Sagar | 25 Jul 2004, 12:34am o my frenz jusss bot a 180 Dtsi(puslar)...

Blieve Me...It RoCKS!! to da cORe.. the Pickup man..woah..80 is like Nothin for tat Machine which is sppsdly a bike..The Bikes First Srvice jus done.. soo..theres our license to start screwin other words..goin fast fast fast.... tday was like one of my best days... so this guy arvind comes to my crib.. an we decide to test the limits outa his mean machine.....

After drivin around a bit carefully through the streets of himayat nagar, then the moment we had been waitin for... as ssooon as we reach that bus stop near Lumbini...we Let it RIP...

The speedo was like jumpin!!we were touchin 80 in no time.. by the time we knew it..we were cornerin at 90!!!! this was like soooo soo kool.... zippin thorugh the the SOUNd  made by this jus catches the eyes of EVERYONE!!

we then take turns ridin the c who could go faster..110 we touchd on the speedometer... then we dcided we raped the bike enough for a day.. so went to some dhaba type thingy....ate to the max.....talked over our ya..enough said..

Verdict..180DTsi ROCKS!!!

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ThE ArT Of (Hehe) Livin!

Posted by Sagar | 20 Jul 2004, 11:18pm

Lets C now..
What to do to attain a state of PEACE in ur brain.. hmm...
early mornin walks..playin wid ur dog...keepin a smile always! listenin to slowwww bhajans..AA yess yess..the new craze..YOGa..
cmon !! gime a break..
Let me tell how i attain 'peace'...

How Does a Margarita an Tequila sound??
interestin aint it??
couple 'o' shots as starters...
HEAVY metal all DA WAY!!
Yoga---movin ur drunk head along wid the music!! atleast tryin to!
smokin away to gloory!
tats the art of livin...
a beer on one hand..a gal on the other...
a beach in front of ya...

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