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Lost Post, The

 THIS UPDATE WAS MEANT TO BE AROUND THE DIWALI/ EID TIME: long time, no thats coz, im workin now machas! signed on with DIS i.e Dell International Services as a Sales Rep, under-going training these days. After a lot of scalp-massaging.. rather random scratchin, i came up...

The Day After

Haan.. to where were we?? oh yes, the next morning the 2 buggers woke up earlier than me as was expected and as i had warned them about consequences if i was woken up before 9, they started to annoy me asap. Finally managed to drag my ass off the bed n into the loo which was smaller than a...


well, since Livri Azazel is underway and has got a few comments :D .. i shall move on with the second edition of my lil' trip, continuing from the "n..." ...we were introduced to the infamous Mumbai metal-head crowd as expected. "Disembodied Corpse" took the stage and took a lil'  too...

travelogue ..

mm.. ok , this is the toughest part.. the beginning.. there are 2 reasons why u[is there anyone really?!?!] see this post.. since im too lazy to write anything more than a few lines at a time, as my status as FH Lord on the dbs will tell u[yes, shameless self-promo], never really bothered to...
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