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Eigengrau - The Darkness Within

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1.German for "intrinsic grey"
2.the colour seen by the eye in perfect darkness

1.unable to see 
2.lacking perception, awareness, or judgement

It was ironic that I revealed my true self in a pitch black room. In that moment of blindness I surrendered myself - I was open, bare and unguarded and I let her plunge deep inside my thoughts, hold me tight and purge me of my fears.

You always need a light to guide you, to help you on your path to finding your purpose and make you a better person than you are. And in that unlit space I found my guiding light. In that darkness I saw what I hadn't all my life - I could perceive myself, feel more personally aware of who I am or was.

They say that it is safer and easier to surrender yourself to a stranger, but she wasn't one - or maybe she was for one last time in the darkness that engulfed us. And in that hour of blindness, she was my light at the end of tunnel and has led me to realize what would complete me and illuminate my world.

"We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light." - Plato

FAQ About Atheism

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As an atheist, I've been asked many questions regarding atheism and why I tend to be a non-believer. Here are my opinions and answers on the frequently asked questions regarding atheism.

Q. What kind of behavior do you expect of people who do not believe in God or religion and like to prove everything through Science in facts, figures and equations?

Atheists are rational and curious, in fact they are one of the most rational people on earth. They tend to be knowledgeable and capable of making their own decisions about life and morality. And they don't base their knowledge on scriptures writteneons ago.

And as a general rule, I think everyone should be humane and keep their religious/ sexual preferences with themselves instead of hurting others and forcing their opinions onto others.

Q. Aren't they expected to be more tolerant and rational?

They are expected to be (and generally are) rational. Atheists generally avoid being tolerant towards theists because they tend to be the least tolerant towards atheists.

Atheists are tolerant if theists follow their own religion and don't shove it down our throats. Atheists are tolerant if theists can keep their homophobic sentiments to themselves and stop attacking homosexuals. Atheists would be more tolerant if theists stop claiming intelligent design to be true and force schools to teach ID to children. Atheist would be tolerant if religion is left in the churches, temples, mosques, homes and hearts instead of bringing them to classrooms and forcing schools to teach it to children.

Atheists would be more tolerant if theists are tolerant towards us and our points of view.

Q. Does it mean that our scriptures like Vedas, The Bible, etc are totally irrelevant and should be discarded and those who follow them are not intelligent?

Scriptures like Vedas, the Bible, the Quran or any other religious book for that matter have many passages which if practiced would be criminal offences in many countries.

I agree that they have many moral teachings and call for people to love each other, but the same books also tell us to treat women as inferior, slavery as good, infidels to be murdered etc. And all these passages have changed over time and most of them aren't followed - even though the entire works are called the Word of God!!

So what many followers of today do is follow selected passages of the books religiously and proclaim the other passages to be figurative. Isn't that hypocrisy and a convenient escape from all the bad that the scriptures preach?

Q. If this is the attitude of science worshipers then what is the difference between them and those who burnt people at stake for heresy?

Atheists aren't science worshipers - we see science as a rational medium which provides us with valid proofs and facts which defeat and disprove the random mumbo-jumbo which the very people who burnt innocent people at the stake followed ignorantly and adamantly.

Q. Till science and her disciples prove a certain theory with as much clarity as the theory of the round earth, is it not better to follow a middle path and allow everyone to follow his or her own path?

That is exactly what science does and religion doesn't do. Science has thousands of theories which need proofs, which need repeated results and universal validation to be established as true. Religion on the other hand rebuts every theory that science brings up with one single word - GOD!

It is because science needs proofs that religion still has a huge following, because science cannot disprove God unless it has enough proof - which it never can. But when it does prove something to be a fact, it is usually met with denial, skepticism and labeled as outright blasphemy and being intolerant towards their religion.

When for example, science tells us that gravity on earth is a fact - to not believe in it isn't called having a viewpoint - it's called ignorance!

Q. Doesn't the beauty of science lie in the fact that the more questions we answer the more questions arise? If Science had all the answers wouldn't it be the end of science?

I think what you imply is that if humans knew everything about the workings of the universe, it would be the end of curiosity. But you need to understand that science just tries to find meaning, find the pattern, find the essence of the working of an enthralling and beautiful universe filled with mysteries.

Science gave us happiness in more ways than one - telephone to talk to distant lovers, television to see news from half way across the world, internet to access the sum total of human knowledge and millions of such inventions and discoveries.

Q. Till science finds all the answers, why don't we enjoy the science and mysteries of the universe equally without hurting others by being tolerant and admirer of everything around us? For example, if we start deriving equations for the sweet smell of a flower, when will we enjoy its beauty?

Do you think we aren't enjoying science? Everything that you probably use is a result of science - a phone, a dishwasher, a refrigerator, air conditioning, computers, airplanes etc. You just need to look close enough and you'd enjoy everything in the universe without the need for religion or God. Science feeds more people on the planet in an year than all your holy scriptures combined since the dawn of time - isn't that something worth feeling proud about?

Science saves more lives through vaccinations and medicines than all the prayers and miracles of all the religions of the world combined. Isn't that something worth enjoying and celebrating?

And being tolerant requires both parties to be tolerant - science never shoves facts down peoples throats, religion shoves everything down everyone's throats calling it the will of GOD!

And since you mentioned flowers - here's one of my favorite people answering your doubts - 

It's Always Our Decision Who We Are!

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Want is a four lettered word just like hope, need, like, love and wish. Have is a four lettered word too except that it’s more powerful! We all have wants and wishes, we all want to be rich and famous, we all wish to be powerful and ride in sports cars and date models.

Yet, do we all have all that we want and wish for? Nope, we aren’t even remotely close most of the time. And it is definitely not because we don’t want it enough! We don’t have all that we crave because we don’t do enough. We spend most of our time daydreaming about what we’ll do once we’re rich rather than actively doing what it takes to be rich!

The last one year has been enlightening and has thrown lots of clarity on my thoughts and actions. Exactly a year ago I was depressed and heartbroken, and now I am happy, have lots of positive intent and am pursuing my passions with a lot of vigor. Yet I know that there will be tough times and there will be dejections, but my intent and willpower have grown to strengths which will help me get through any tough times which come my way.

And this past year has helped me get to this state. How? Well it’s been an amalgamation of different instances and revelations rather than just one moment of illumination.  Just last night, in a movie called Waking Life, one of the characters talks about what exactly life is, and why many people (like myself) tend to be disappointed with life and feel dejected.

The character goes on to say that our life is ours to create and to quote “The more that you talk about a person as a social construction or as a confluence of forces or as fragmented or marginalized, what you do is you open up a whole new world of excuses.” And this is where he caught my attention. I’ve seen this movie at least twice before and yet this time, this one line grabbed my attention and told me what I had to do.

Every one of us dreams of being millionaires and of flying first class, yet only some do. And it is because of dedication and an unending yearning to achieve what they desire. You and I just talk of being that way and we talk of living the life we want. What we actually need to do is put it in action instead of giving excuses to ourselves and also to others.

There are a million reasons why we didn’t succeed, and that is because we look for reasons. Yet there is only one reason for success and that is our Resolve to succeed. It is what we do that defines us; what you do (or don’t do) leads to you becoming the next big thing or someone who could’ve become the next big thing! The decision, as it always is, is yours! 


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I've not been getting any new topics or ideas to write on, a mini writer's block I suppose, so until I find motivation and new ideas I'll be posting my old, stale and stagnant write ups which I've stored in a folder on my desktop labeled 'Box filled with Memories'.

If you could do something with no risk of failing, what would you do?

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. ~ Albert Einstein

Failure and success go hand in hand, and although to remove the probability of failure would guarantee success and give an impression of being perfect; that success wouldn’t taste sweet and most definitely wouldn’t be perfect. Perfection is not an attainable destination; it is an imaginary concept which drives all of us forward. It is similar to the carrot and stick approach, it’s always just a few steps away yet always beyond reach! And even if perfection is achieved, there is nowhere to go from there – it’s a dead end.

I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work. ~ Thomas Alva Edison

The aim should never be to attain perfection, but to always get better! We must perpetually try and improve by reducing the probability of failure, by trying harder and by looking at innovative ways to attain success. And mistakes are not always a bad thing; they aid us by making us work harder, aim higher and think better. They are valuable experiences and make our victory taste sweeter. Failure, as is normally said, is truly the stepping stone of success.

The harder the battle the sweeter the victory. ~ Bob Marley

No victory or success is worthwhile if there are no serious challenges. The passion and zeal of overcoming the obstacles put in front of us are an important part of attaining success. Without a challenge, the enthusiasm is lost and complacency sets in. The challenges make us stretch our own limits and boundaries. We go that extra inch, we give more than we thought was possible and we expand our own potential.

So instead of stagnating in the perceived perfection, I would rather move on to more dynamic fields which make me learn more, which challenge me to attain greater heights and give me a scope for improving both personally and professionally. 

I wrote this article in 2012 based on an essay topic given to a friend of mine for admission into Brown University (I guess, I'm not sure).

What Is The Meaning Of Life?

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'Meaning' implies a sense of significance, a goal, purpose and/or intent.

So for life to have a meaning, it should have a purpose or a goal. And that goal should be commonly available to achieve by everyone! Because no one individual's life is more or less significant than the rest of the population.

And since no such goal exists (at least none that all of us commonly are aware and know of) I'm not sure if there is a meaning to life. There is no (and never has been any) verifiable evidence that life has meaning; other than to just reproduce and to continue the chain of life.

If you're religiously inclined, you'd say that the purpose is God and that God adds meaning to life. But then again which God? Out of the thousands of religions and Gods, which particular God leads us to discover the meaning of life? And is the knowledge of this particular God being the pathway to a meaningful life commonly available to all people and is this verifiable through empirical evidence?

If you're a scientist, you'd say the purpose is to find new answers and gain new insights. If you're a philosopher, you'd say the purpose is to fine tune yourself and understand yourself better. If you're an artist, your purpose could be to create an unparalleled piece of art. And the list goes on...

By summing all these up, we can see that there is no common purpose to anybody. But one common trait is that there is always a sense of craving to seek out a purpose which adds meaning to life.

So even though there is no common meaning to life, there always is a desire to find a meaning so that you sustain yourself and through it you sustain life itself by reproducing and continuing the chain of life. 

Life has no other meaning than to find a meaning (albeit imaginary and personal).

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