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16 Aug 2004

on da burn!

Posted by Avigyan in Hyderabad! | 11:27am

ok.....guys....u must b feelin what kept this as** da block 4 quite somtime..I was well in2 my hibernation...n I m happy 2 get out from many of u headbanged at the durgam cheruvu rock concert/ was simply rockin...people were all doped n stuff like that...the foam party was all gonna b transparent n it proved the fact 1ce again that balls shud bounce...we had a nice eye traet...n 4 all u morons out there..learn 2 spaek out 2 da virgins..n tell them a big thank u 4 nothing they have offered till 4 engineerin student..I ll b happy n content showin the middle finger 2 the current...inserting the hardware in2 the software....lets c how it feels the umpteenth time.....keep rocking guys n gals....but don rock while u sleep....afterall even Cupid n Incubus needs a chance 2 play n f*** around....rite?

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