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Om Ganesha

Obscurum | 5 September 2006, 2:22pm


The Ganesha pics will be added soon.

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Obscurum | 13 September 2004, 8:06am

AUTO ART< ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


Since the time I first came to this city in 1998, the paintings on the rear of the typical Hyderbadi auto-rickshaw has held a fascination for me .


These paintings are characterized by their recurring theme, bright and vivid use of colours, personal statements and at times intricate design.


While these images grab the attention of the first-time viewer, it seems commonplace to the residents of the city, and most treat it as part of the city- scape and nothing more.


Not so for me. 


Since mid 2003 I began spending a considerable amount of time traveling around the city on a daily basis and had been witness to fleeting but exquisite designs on the rear of these carriages, which captured my imagination and provoked a chain of thoughts and questions, leading me to seek out these drivers and the artists who have turned the hoods of these autos into a canvas.


It is my personal belief, that the spirit of the true artist can never be contained, and struggles to be released and expresses itself at every opportunity and through any available vehicle.

( did I just say vehicle ? )


From the primordial cave-drawings, ancient Roman frescos and Egyptian hieroglyphs to the masters of the Renaissance.


The creative urge takes our life experiences of the world around us, and views it in a fresh and new way, by manifesting itself through the hands and eyes of the artists.


I offer to you now, one such journey and exploration of what can only rightfully be called AUTO ART.



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