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A peg a day keeps failure away!

Posted by chandu | 19 Jan 2005, 8:50am

 Just read this and thought this was worth copy-pasting.Read on..

A herd of buffalo can only move as fast as the slowest buffalo, and when the herd is hunted, it is the slowest and weakest ones at the back that are killed first. This natural selection is good for the herd as a whole, because the general speed and health of the whole is maintained or even improved by the regular culling of the weakest members.

In much the same way, the human brain can operate only as fast as the slowest brain cells through which the electrical signals pass. Recent epidemiological studies have shown that while excessive intake of alcohol kills off brain cells, it attacks the slowest and weakest brain cells first. Thus, regular consumption of alcohol helps eliminate the weaker cells, constantly making the brain a faster and more efficient machine.The result of this in-depth study verifies and validates the causal link
between all-weekend parties and job related performance. It also explains why, after a few short years of leaving a university and getting married, most professionals cannot keep up with the performance of the new graduates. Only those few that stick to the strict regimen of voracious alcoholic consumption can maintain the intellectual levels that they achieve during their college years.

So, this is a call to arms. As our company enters a period of rapid and aggressive growth let's not be found lacking. Get back into the bars. Quaff that pint. Your company and country need you to be at your peak, and you shouldn't deny yourself the career that you could have. Take life by the bottle and be all that you can be.


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Hamare paas kya hain,aih?

Posted by chandu | 18 Jan 2005, 9:05am

 During my recent visit to Bangalore,few things really caught my  attention.The ones worth writing about here are:
 1).The really really gud-looking girls(man,felt I was in heaven when I was  walking through MG Road,Briagde road et al).
 2).Radio city 91FM.
 Now,there`s nothing much that I and U can do about the first one,but why the hell are we not having a good radio station here in Hyderabad?!Small cities like Indore and Pune(small when compared to Hyd i.e) can boast  of really hot stations like Radiomirchi.Why are people hesitant about setting up one here?Is it because we dont have a 'cool' crowd here or is that what they think of us!We have our share of happening places,pubs.We really deserve better than this.The only request show that really caters  to   hyderabadis(or to telugus) is the one thats aired on Gemini tv in the    mornings.I really was thinking abt why people are hesitant to start a venture  like that in they have in Chennai,Ahmedabad etc.Now,the reason I am writing all this is because my speakers have not been working properly of  late.Hope we soon have some  mirchi..oops radiomirchi in our lives!

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my nemesis is back!

Posted by chandu | 16 Jan 2005, 10:41pm

 It was on 27th nov,2003 that our cable connection was done with.The statistics surprised even me:

before disconnecting:failed an average of 4.67 exams per sem            

after disconnecting:cleared 22 exams(all 22 of them) which included 4 semesters!

Now that the connection is back,I hope i dont get back to my old ways!




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Whats ur fav one?

Posted by chandu | 14 Jan 2005, 10:13am

  One thing that I cannot live without is Yahoo messenger.I have always been fascinated with the status messages people use..some creative,some weird and some others obviously copy-pasted.I would like to  mention some of the status  messages I loved using.This was the  first status message I used- Invincible..sounds like invisible..but is invincible.I wish I always was in that 'Invincible' mode.Another message that I used for a long period of time was the punch line of the movie Gladiator-'What we do in life echoes in eternity'.liked this so much after  watching the movie and this obviously had to be my status message.
 Now,this one also has to be one of my favs.My frnd often uses this-    ,|,,    For those of u who didnt understand it,it is written in the language where the  use of only the central finger is allowed.
 Another one that caught my attention was"gimme a ctrl+g".good one,na?
 And now the status message that i have been using since Jan 1,2005  -  "A workaholic since Jan 1,2005'.Hope I retain this for the rest of the year!
 p.s:Whats ur fav one?

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Are u stupid?

Posted by chandu | 3 Jan 2005, 11:43pm

If your father is a poor man,its your fate

If ur father-in-law is a poor man,its ur stupidity.

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akka bloggers ko chandu bhai ka wishes!

Posted by chandu | 1 Jan 2005, 7:51am

Appun Wishing You A wonderful, Super-Duper Jabardast, Extra badhiya Ekdum Must and Dhin-chak Bole to.. Ekdum zakkas " Happy New Year "


Not in a mood to think about the title

Posted by chandu | 23 Dec 2004, 3:43pm

  All the enthusiasm,interest,agony,hardwork built up for one year went down the drain in one minute flat..yes the CAT results were out yesterday and i scored only 90%ile.will have to look for bschools other than the IIM`s now.congrats to 'payne' for doin well.give me some advice man.

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Happy diwali

Posted by chandu | 12 Nov 2004, 7:05am

  Happy diwali to all the bloggers of an absolute blast!!

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Life is music,music is life

Posted by chandu | 28 Oct 2004, 4:15pm


  Here is a list of my all-time favourite songs:
  1).Mere naina sawan bhado..I never get tired of listening to this song.Kishoreda sings in a  high-pitch in this song and it is such a wonderful experience listening to him.This definetely has to be one of the best songs sung by Kishore Kumar.i am sure Kishore`s fans
  at will agree with me.
  2).I believe i can fly.Perhaps the only hit of R Kelly`s career.This song inspires everybody who listens to it.It has got amazing lyrics and will certainly lift u up!I`ll copy-paste some of the lines from the song:
  If I can see it, then I can be it
  If I just believe it, there's nothing to it
  [1] - I believe I can fly
  I believe I can touch the sky
  I think about it every night and day
  Spread my wings and fly away
  I believe I can soar
  I see me running through that open door
  I believe I can fly
  I believe I can fly
  I believe I can fly

  how true na?
  3).Bharat humko jaan se pyaara hain.How can i forget to include this awesome song!Music by AR Rehman and sung by Hariharan.This movie(Roja) marked the entry of AR Rehman into Bollywood.
  What a movie to make his presence felt in Bollywood!A must listen for every patriotic Indian.
  4).Summer of 69:Bryan Adams
    This one shld have been at the top of my list.I wanted to learn playing the guitar after listening to this song.Bryan adams feeling nostalgic in this song.u rarely hear good lyrics these days.Nostalgia isnt what it used to be!
  5).Nothing else matters-Metallica.Again,a song with good lyrics.I am
  talking abt lyrics again and again bcos a song is incomplete without
  good lyrics.The song talks of love,care,trust etc.
  So close no matter how far

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Posted by chandu | 23 Oct 2004, 9:52am

   Hi folks!Just spend some at the site given below.its definetely worth
  a visit! The site tells us abt how a brave 22 year old laid down his
  life for our good.I dont think i`ll do a good job of describing his
  bravery and sacrifice.Read on abt the man,his mission and his

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Secret of success

Posted by chandu | 30 Sep 2004, 6:22am


 Hi folks!There are two secrets to success in life:

1).Dont tell people everything u know....



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Two kinds of ppl on earth

Posted by chandu | 29 Sep 2004, 2:27am


 Hi folks!There are 2 kinds of people you`ll meet:those who finish what they start and....


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inspirational stuff this!

Posted by chandu | 25 Sep 2004, 5:27pm

 I am sure all of u must have had ur share of 'lows' in life.Reading the story of Mark Spitz always gives me some motivation.I just wanted to share it with u people.

Not many knew him at the start of the 1968 Mexico olympics.he declared that he would win 6 gold medals in swimming.however,he could not live up to his promise.All he could manage were a silver and two bronze.A good performance,but he wasnt satisfied!....Now,the 1972 olympics in munich.The gun sounded and he dove into the pool and swam with all his strength. Moments later he had won the gold medal and set a new world record at the same time.The next day he swam again, and again won another gold medal and, amazingly, he again won it in world record time.He won seven golds,setting seven new world records.What i just cannot forget are  the words he uttered after setting 7 world records i.e,"We all love to win,but how many people love to train?

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Posted by chandu | 18 Sep 2004, 8:09am

if three out of four people suffer from diarrhea,does that mean that one out of every four enjoys it!!

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Posted by chandu | 17 Sep 2004, 8:15am

Do adults enjoy adultery as much as infants enjoy infancy?pls let me know.thanx.

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