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Posted by Luciferone 05 May 2004, 6:16am

They tell me God is the creator of all things. Then why do we have so much desruction around? They tell me he is the protector of all things, then why would human morality be in this advanced state of decay. They tell me that God is the destroyer of all things. How can someone destroy his own creation, unless there is an underlying element of destructiveness in his sub-conscious psyche? And, is not God supposed to be the manifestation of all things perfect?

May be he is not. And, may be devil is just his alter ego - a Jekyl and Hyde. Then God and Devil become two sides of the same coin, each incomplete without the other. God's purpose is to create. The devil's purpose is to destroy what God creates. Is it not important to mantain a balance? Just imagine if there were no carnivores in the forest. The plant-eaters would swell in number and cause havoc. Without the devil, all things that God creates would meet with the same fate.

Devil is just that side of God that most of us turn a blind eye to. We are too scared to even think that there could be someone with as much power whose only objective is to put it to destruction. But, does that mean we should not give him his due? Don't tell me that stuff like epidemics and floods are the work of God. He has infinite compassion and even if he is unhappy with his children he is not going to unleash a barrage of destruction.

The devil has tremendous power and with such great power come great chances of abusing that power. Does he abuse it? No. He uses it only for destruction, and that is his purpose.

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Posted by Luciferone 13 April 2004, 5:28am

I feel for the devil. No one seems to want him. All people are ever concerned about is God. There are many books, teachings and means to endear yourself to the Lord, many ways to become the good guy. But, there are no books or teachings that tell you how to do bad, how to become the evil one. To be evil, you have start from scratch. You are your own guide. You cannot ask anyone for help. You have to make all the rules, you have to decide how to go about achieving your goals. It is just not a fair world, is it?

Then there are people who do not believe that Devil exists. Hey, if you truly believe in God, then why is it so difficult for you to understand that His adversary could be just as real, and just as powerful? Go, Devil, go!

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