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20 Sep 2014

Rough Sail

Posted by Oblivion in Politics | 8:54am

Moves on, Ol' horse
Two at the helm
The rider erstwhile,
Lonely sail'rr
steps down (or up?)
Tradesmen O'Clear
cry hoarse
Ill Lane, Sorry!

Will it be fracas
Sliding into doom
Or will it be a mark
Never heard of?
Hurdles aplenty
Impel its finest craft.
Time, the good Ol' time
Will tell. Till well.

3 Jun 2014

Cut State

Posted by Oblivion in Poetry & Politics | 1:40am

The mirror when broken
in pieces two
Will trick your eyes
and show faces two

Do you, then, O one
become two
Just because it says
you are now two?

You were never one
if you are two;
If you are one
you will never be two

13 Aug 2013

Dog's life

Posted by Oblivion in Philosophy & Poetry & Politics | 5:46pm

you want me, at all hours, to
cringe to your drumbeat
give in to a sagging spine
be hushed and whooshed off
when your convoy passes by

lick your boots so neat
when you trample and whack
thank the blade hasn't slain
be unabashedly loyal
and proud of my servitude

you, wily wolf, want me to
slit my brother's flesh
pay for your bread and meats
and when my home burns to ashes
pray you and curse my fate

and how well do i do this
- for the plaque, a fake,
that reads 'good citizen' -
verily like a wagging dog
more screwed than a pavlovian!

6 Jul 2013

Check, Mate!

Posted by Oblivion in Poetry & Politics | 11:41pm

two grand old foes,
cold war never too behind,
make a few moves deft
on the board checkered
gray, shrewd and shrouded
to castle a pawn
the world watches mute
oh! what an endgame

one man who blew
the whistle, sans regret
banished, stranded
and now hounded
talks to himself,
"Snow, found a Den yet?"
"Den, no. It's Snowing
I'm lost of moves"

12 Jun 2013

Dissent, Decent

Posted by Oblivion in Philosophy & Politics | 10:50am

Bertrand Russell's reply to a magistrate's request that he pledge himself to "good behavior", after an anti-nuclear demonstration in London, for which Russell was arrested (in September 1961).

"No, I won't."
Bertrand Russell