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My Journey

teja | 26 Jul 2006, 9:05am

Torn pieces floating in the air.

Blocking my vision.

Refusing to settle down with the dust that sets the pace.

A million of them running in hundred different timezones.

Taking the pleasure in the ride to a place that never arrives.

A peace that's never silent.

A journey that never ends,

Setting the pace for a rythmatic chaos intrinsic to its movement.

Now i become the torn piece.

I know not where i go,

I have to keep moving through the chaos,

But the road never ends.

And so does my journey.

I can't see ahead nor where i came from.

The chaos brings the music.

I become part of it.

Now i am the chaos.

And i dont want to settle .

For time doesnt exist for those whose journey never ends.

I become time and i last forever.

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The Myth of the New India

teja | 7 Jul 2006, 4:57am

Here is an article that i came across on the NewYork Times website. This article has been written by Pankaj Mishra..check it out!

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The Myth of the New India

INDIA is a roaring capitalist success story." So says the latest issue of Foreign Affairs; and last week many leading business executives and politicians in India celebrated as Lakshmi Mittal, the fifth richest man in the world, finally succeeded in his hostile takeover of the Luxembourgian steel company Arcelor. India's leading business newspaper, The Economic Times, summed up the general euphoria over the event in its regular feature, "The Global Indian Takeover": "For India, it is a harbinger of things to come

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teja | 22 Jun 2005, 4:22am

at last it rained in vizag.....cant wait to go to the beach and have a 'bhutta' .....hmmm ....missing hyd!


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A party in Vizag!!

teja | 6 Mar 2005, 11:53am

Hey ppl....well the last blog i was explaining a little about my "experiences in the US". Last week i landed in Hyderabad ..relaxed for a couple of days and moved to Vizag...this silent port city or town not sure yet of Andhra Pradesh.

What a contrast to where I was for 3 months .....US. Its definately hotter....people are friendlier ....the beaches are cleaner....

I was so shit pissed that i had to come here for my project for HSBC. But when i landed here the impression that i had has changed a little. with 3 discotheques.....TEN DOWNING STREET and Shoppers Stop coming soon....this place is cheap man!!!! Nothing like going to the beach and sipping a beer over the weekend ....looks like the cops are cheap here too.....

been to a place called "Chrome" a pub in vzg. The interiors were great and ambience was ok but what impressed me the most was girls with Skirts !!!! Not that i drool over it but i was told that this place is a piece of orthodox shit ....but the crowd at the place amazzed me...probably i would have felt that the place was shitty if this was in hyderabad .....but not bad for vzg....way to go....

the only shitty thing abt this place is that you pay before each order!!!

keep blogging....keep breathing.....

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Mama Im coming Home....

teja | 20 Feb 2005, 3:33pm

"Times have changed ....

Good times are strange...

Here I come But I aint the same...

Mama I'm coming home"

I can sing this song all this week...another week in the US and I will back in India. Feels great being  in the US  but feels even better coming back to your mother land....especially Hyderabad. Lots to write after I come back.....

see ya all soon....


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teja | 4 Feb 2005, 8:32am
Been a month i am here in the US.....each day the only thing i realize is that this is not my country....this is not where i belong to .....Miss you India!!!

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Merry Christmas

teja | 24 Dec 2004, 10:44pm

Merry Christmas to all my co-bloggers here....!

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Animal Farm!

teja | 10 Dec 2004, 2:56am

I just completed reading this book called Animal Farm by George Orwell ..categorized as a fairy tale ...but a very imortant political message to go amazing book to read!

I was never in to this political shit if it mattered to me if YSR or Chandrababu became the CM . By boss would still screw me every day ..i am still over-educated and card bills still haunt me....the begger at the corner of my street is still begging...kittu the kid at the chai dukaan still slogs the entire day for 30 bucks....untill i read this book "The Animal Farm"...

Worlds most famous and successfull reabellions and revolutions were initiated to undo a common man's suffering...The French revolution started for a piece of Bread....i think so..i was poor in History anyway...the Indian Independence was for a common man...revolutions happend...Saddam was dethroned......India Got independence.. all for a common cause...."THE COMMON MAN" .....

What difference did it make to a common man anyway.....the common man is still suffering....its the common people in iraq that are being killed everyday....even a soldier is a common man....nothing has changed for the villages in India....the leaders of Indian Independence got richer....the Nehrus.....etc etc....but the common man still suffers... never thought as much untill i read this "Fairy Tale" ....huh cant beleive it.....

forced to beleive what George Owell writes:

All people are equal.....but a few are more equal than the others...


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Love..a wonder or a blunder!

teja | 9 Dec 2004, 1:02am

My first blog....just wanted to know if anybody understands love....everybody wants to be in love..but how many of us understands is universally accepted that love comes with suffering.

well mine feels good to suffer for something and the end result is in your favour..what if you slog hard....toil hard and you fail....what if you loved somebody truly...what if you really cared for her....sweet little things that you always did...sweet suprises that you always planned to give her ...what about the times you spent with her...what if she says "you have just bought me with gifts" and walks off... still goes on experience that leaves you getting nostalgic where ever you go....what ever you do.....still life goes on ....

what the fuck....i am talking crap .....


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