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Posted by aakarsh. 25 April 2005, 11:46pm
friendlessly, i spent the entire day,
at times like a stranger to everyone,
and sometimes,like a stranger to my own self.
when the day anchored itself,
on the dark banks of the night,
i walked past the deserted bylanes,
with weary steps, into my room.

the lazy tide of evening breeze,
kissed the silence dangling in my room,
and ruffled the pages of my note-book.
those fluttering echos which asked,
"do you still remember me my friend?"

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Posted by aakarsh. 16 April 2005, 3:55am
today, again the arena of the dusk is red
orange rays oozing from the wounded sun.
the sky reveals a lot of blood-shed
though the battle today has just begun.

the day has given up its weapons blazing,
for the powerful night has besieged it again.
my shadow too, which was courageously razing,
now gave up the fight and vanished in vain.

amidst the lucent flowers of triumphant stars
look! the night has hoisted the flag of the moon alight.
like it did in many previous wars,
the day conceded again, to the victory of the night.

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Posted by aakarsh. 07 January 2005, 5:57am
Wherever I am…I see sometimes,
All of a sudden a river,
An empty boat strikes against the shore,
A sound next to wild silence,
An unseen life, next to my own.

Wherever I am… I sit for a while,
Often, a trodden path beckons me,
With my own own footprints and shadows.
Glimmering like images carved in dust,
And my own sight veils my eyes.

Wherever I am…I feel at times,
The moonlight webs a dream in my eyes,
And within every dream lies another,
Between a web of anxieties, I dream and wake,
Alone, in time of personal despair.

Wherever I am…I move from there,
A loneliness turns into a journey,
My heart urges me to take a new road,
And within the heart of every road I chose,
Lies the urge to lose direction…

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Posted by aakarsh. 30 December 2004, 9:14am

the sky tonight wailed silently like a child,
for its robes were torn by the starlight,
and smeared with white blotches of clouds...
from the window it looked at me,
and hurled a gentle breeze upon me...
the song of every corner of the sky,
had its melody grafted in it,
tunefully touching all the corners of my mind...
yet, the silence didnt die until,
the moment came when the music of the sky,
harping on the invisible strings of the breeze,
reached my table and,
endlessly ruffled the pages of gitanjali...

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Posted by aakarsh. 26 December 2004, 3:18am
Sometimes words don’t sit on paper,
In my mind they move endlessly,
Just like bubbles in space.
Constellating around, they appear to me,
And with my mind, through the bubble-like-words,
I see a world convexed.

Afraid to see it and its stark realities,
I break the bubbles moving, with my pen,
By penning few words on paper.
When all is done, when my poem is done,
The world I see appears normal,
And I close my notebook, contended.

But during night, in a stillness of moment,
They rise again, from my notebook, like bubbles,
And start to constellate again,
In the galaxy of my dreams,
Giving me new nightmares of the world.
Perhaps a nightmare is just a dream convexed.
What to do? Words sometimes just don’t sit on paper,
And I am vexed seeing a world convexed.

--- aakarsh.

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