I knew this day would come… I knew it all along that one day she would end up this way. And it brings me much grief that she doesn’t believe my prophecies.

Maybe I should have tried harder to convince her. But it isn’t my fault that I couldn’t convince her about what was at hand and neither was her future in my hands to alter!

I don’t know why she didn’t listen to my advice… I told her to take care of herself and to be more cautious and now I too have to suffer through all her grief and sorrow. Her own miseries add to my own perpetual sorrow which stems from her inactions. Why doesn’t she heed my advice?! I think it is too late to help her… Is it?

What do I do now? Do I tell her that I foresee more ill-tidings? Do I tell her that this is but the start of unending melancholy? But what if she won’t listen to me? Do I let go and hope that she’ll make it through on her own? Maybe she’ll listen to someone else and they’ll guide her… But what if they lead her to the desolation that I predict?

It can’t be helped, I suppose… It was all in her hands and she messed it all up for the both of us. And yet it’s not that I don’t care… I do care for her and I really hope that one day she’ll listen to me. Neither she nor I now has the strength to go through more of these misfortunes.

Nevertheless, as much as I am deeply affected, I sure am proud at the power of my curse.