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Logical Thinking

Scientious | 13 Apr 2004, 3:12pm

Do you believe in black magic? Do spirits exist? What about life after death? Are those incidents just a pathetic desperate attempt by some sore losers to get their fifteen minutes of fame or do they have more truth in them than our 'so-called' Scientific thinking is wiling to accept?

Is it possible that what we have read in that great Indian epic, Mahabharata, about those celestial weapons of Brahmastra and Gandeev, or of that fantastic reference to the sun being blocked during the battle were not a figment of somebody's imagination? Sounds stupefying, doesn't it?

Take it this way. The students of Science (and many others too) would be aware of that E=mc2 equation, which states how mass and energy can undergo transition. Put simply, it means that both matter and energy can be converted into each other. Is it not within the circle of extreme possibility that these great men would just have found a means of doing just that, that they converted energy into matter and produced those weapons capable of massive destruction, operating on a principle not different from our Nuclear weapons of today.

This just goes to show that with a little thought, a little courage to venture into the realm of alternate thinking, and a little imagination things that appear implausible can be accorded a reasonable and sufficient explanation.

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